Friday, 10 July 2015


In a world were you trust none,
I trusted you, the one.
To hold by my side,
through peace, turmoil , joy, pain,
through love, sorrow, laughter and worry.
To hold by my side, to hold your heart,
 High up in my world,
And you, in yours, with mine.
I trusted you, the one.

I did not expect you to be my beacon in the darkness.
My only hope, Nay!
Darkness didn't exist anymore,
not in my mind , no longer in my world.
I trusted in you, as a friend.
As a companion and for life.
I trusted you, the one.

I did not want to own you
I did not want hold you,
from your own people.
You were mine, but
Not mine to own.
You were the love,
that I wanted , forever.
I trusted you, Alas.

Every word, Every action
Anything, everything, nothing
Nothing I said mattered.
Nothing I said was something.
My everything was your piece of dirt.
It grows in me.
A hatred past that love.
A small black tree , rooted deep.

Your empty words, empty promises, empty concerns,
Empty Actions, Duty and not concern
I doubt duty too, Habit perhaps?
If anything I said ever mattered
You would have understood me better.
I trusted you, Alas.

My concerns were a tiny displeasure
Flicked away with the sands of time.
My words, and your deaf ears.
My worries and my owes,
Your defiance.

To you, everything I woe for
Is my own creation.
My own self inflicted wound.
If you had looked hard, ever
You would have seen otherwise.
You would have acknowledged
Something that was always real.
But Maybe, It is self inflicted.
The only wound , You.
I trusted you, Alas.

In my moment of weakness,
I showed you my tears,
I yearned to be with you.
But alas, the time and the concern
You have for someone else,
Was and Is never to be mine.
And your face , not for my eyes.
I am glad I trusted you.
I learnt a lesson,
One too valuable.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


A friend in need and a big brother behind my shoulder,
Stars shone out while we spoke.
You made me laugh and smile
And you had your special smile
Only for me.
You watched over and for me.
You healed me wounds and fears
You were something more,
And when years have faded away
Misunderstood gestures and words
Looking back, tears paint the canvas today.
I miss you so bad, button.
There isnt anything I want more,
but a life time of what it was.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

My man

My man, 
Has the twinkle in his eye.
A charming face, and
An apple of everyone's eye.
My man 
The cutest of the paunch, 
The chubbiest of cheeks.
The strongest of arms,
The softest lips.
My man,
Jungle all through,
Handsomest of men,
Cutest, Intelligent
The envy of menfolk.
My man,
The center of attraction.
My man 
You are.
Everything of this,
And more. :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I wish you were dead.

I was your own
Your own blood.
I was from you, 
And I was your daughter.
You never saw that.

Power and Sex
Money and Position
Mistakes that stuck
Stabs to the family.
You never saw that.

You woke me up
Dead of the night
Phantom of darkness
One blow and Another,
My every tear
I paid for mistakes 
I never made
You never saw that.

I was you own, 
You never saw me as one
You wanted me gone,
For every night you are alive
I now wish you were dead.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Darkest of Nights

When I Close my eyes
and Pull upon a long lost day dream
In the Darkest of Nights
As the coldest draft of wind 
Grazes my face,
You whisper my name.
As I lie in your arms,
A perfect Fit.
The smell of your hair
The washed in Deo and Sweat.
I bathe in the moon light,
Naked to the soul,
With your hands by mine.
The Stars twinkle at us,
Sworn to our common secret.
In the Darkest of the nights,
In the whisper of my eye lashes,
Your name,
Your face.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The First Dance

                                          She smiled at him.
                            For the first time, him, her husband.
                                He looked deep into her eyes.

"My wife", he whispered, "I love you"
A shiver went up her spine.
Her soul held a breath.
He pulled her closer,
Guiding her to the centre.
All eyes on them.
One two and three,
Together they danced,
Mister and Missus.
For the very first time.
He held a hand, one to her hip,
Brushed her lips, small peck.
They turned and smiled to the faces.
He was hers.
She was his.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Do you know what fear is ?
I do.
It is when you close your eyes
As the blow comes down on you.
It is when you stumble down in pain

When the next one comes.


Your head spins about.
You know he's not done yet.

I look at his eyes.
I see my face, in fear.
I see his face,
I see no fear.

The wronged, the innocent.
Objectification of fear.
Held inside social coils,
Devoid of escape.

Some days I close my eyes, 
Open them back again in fear,
See him standing above me,

Somedays I lock my doors, 
crawl into the quilt.
The rattle of the door knobs.