Monday, 25 November 2013


Dear Diary,
Today was beautiful, and that was because of You.
Home is where we belong, and that's you,
Perfection, is an Illusion ,
But Warmth of the illusion isn't.
'Twas You
'Twas Me.
'Twas We.
'Twas us.
'Twas simple, and Happy.
There was too much cheese in the popcorn, or maybe so were we, Chees-o-mantically awesome and way to good looking to be wasted, period.
Damn you :)
Dear diary, maybe you are lucky, because I am telling you first, or maybe I am lucky.
But, 'Twas warm, and lovely.
Maybe I should have done more justice to the post, But Nay, I am too happy and wasted from the happiness, that I rather cling on to that than make a literary excursion.
And now , I finally sleep, with peace, and a smile and a stupid grin in pasted to my face.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Unnecessary Book mark.

Young and Carefree, Soulful joy.
Hand in Hand, Head on your shoulders, 
A drive Down the Lonely Winding Road, 
Sublte Rain washing against the windows.
Your Lips Utter my name
Your eyes Search deep inside mine.
The sparkle, The dimple, The Miracle 
The Sweet scents and The cold air.
The Cosy Couches.
Deep and Long 
Love and Insight and your lust.

Once upon a time
A love story of a life time.
A book mark today.
Unnecessary Taint in my life.
Once upon a time, 
A laughter so light.
Today the fearful tears of Trepidation.

Once upon a time
A photograph of joyous smiles.
Once upon a time, An icecream
A medicine for sickness and care.
A sip of water and the warmth of your hugs.
The passion for a life time
The lights of the night.
Colors and Happiness.
Amazing and Beautiful, 
To me, 
And to you, 

A marked mistake.
And a faithless promise broken.
Traitors Unsheathed 
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
A watchful stalker.
A reminder of the broken dream.

Once upon a time 
The dance of Love
And the Words of faith
Trusting smiles and times.
Once upon a time.
A Lie, a mistake.
And A broken arrow.
Blood and rapid breaths.
And I fall asleep, In your arms,
Only in my dreams.
The unnecessary book mark.
Good Riddance.