Thursday, 28 February 2013

Love is fickle Friend

Its a gumball of emotions,
They say love is a fickle friend
It started out on a fateful match , Dec 11 th .. why ?
I would never know..
The golden days of my life.
Prettiest Yellow rays and bluest ocean currents.
But like I said love is a fickle friend destined to leave when trouble raises its head
Not one of the brave heart, to stand by my side
A taste of sour pickle.
I could hate you, but hate breeds more feelings and I am afraid to hurt myself, thank you.
Maybe the squirells will teach you a lasting lesson.
A broken mirror can never be fixed.
Love reflects a thousand causes,but once broken remains broken.


Caves of darkness, and the depth of your cold eyes
and the icy chill heart
I loved someone who was not worth me
I loved someone who never knew who I was
I loved you knowing you would never accept me for who I am
Delusions and errors , rebating joy.
Glow of the lantern and fading lights
Screw you too Love.

Darkness immortal 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The Italian Joker - Scaramouche - Start Up venture

     External Article Link The Italian Joker

A quirky, fashionable ,hippy and funky brand, Scaramouche is a student initiative that was sought out by the need to provide a douse of character to accessories & design witty merchandise. An idea to create merchandise which we never were able to find anywhere else, an idea that sought out Uniqueness from the very beginning , now that was the birth of Sacramouche .

Co Founded by Varadha Balaji (Rajalakshmi Engineering College) and Dhanya Rajagopal (Meenakshi college of engineering) in May 2012 , Scaramouche has gained the attention of both teenagers and grown up and were joined by Mehavarshni Sreethar (as Designer (Meenakshi college of Engineering)) in a couple of months.

 An online album catalogue in the facebook page ( opens a wide variety of Products. One can go through the wide collection of handmade pretty pendants and earring, You have the quilled earrings, the buttons and beads. “ Not only are the “pretty pretty” , but they are also water proof and long lasting “ , I would say that from my own personal opinion

From earrings One can see a wider collection of T Shirt designs and Posters, not only are these arty , but they can also be custom made. Poster of retro Jimi Hendrix ? T shirt print for a camera buff?
For the die hard harry potter fans, get your Hogwarts letter from them and support S.P.E.W badges  !They cover it all.

(The Pop-Art Series ,Personalized pop-art, the perfect birthday gift for a friend.)

However the eye catcher of their collection is perhaps the cassette tape luminaries that can be used as table lamps or even chandeliers .
Scaramouche has redefined “Recyle Reuse and Reduce”  to its fashionable sense with Paper magazine earrings and Cassette luminaries , Creating art out of Junk. 
They also merchandise personalised handmade hard disk covers, Photo frames , Badges, Pencil holders.
 “Over the past seven months , with strong upward growth in sales , A project from the National Law school of India ( T shirt Designs for Symposiums) and the TATA Start Up Dot Start Up venture event and A stall in D.A.M Pondicherry things have been looking more than good for Scaramouche.For a student start up venture this has been pretty good recognition“ Says Dhanya.
With business cards and A website coming up for Scaramouche, these young enterprenuers are ready to roll.
" Scaramouche will Delve into the unexplored territory where could create a difference. Designing of personalized feature walls, luminaire design, pop art revival and just about anythin that comes up durin our epiphany ( whenever the smoke clears up ),and also reach the preceding generations with our product base. And  we want to expand our venture not only in terms of number of customers but also providing opportunities to designers and creative minds out there "

Contact Varadha Balaji
Phone   089 39 232129
Facebook Id - Facebook link

Think T nagar

Madras machi Diaries - A Photo Story - Think T nagar

Welcome to Chennai, the galleria of cultural differences and one of the largest metro cities in India.
T Nagar or Thyagarayar Nagar.
Think T nagar and Imagine the thrill of street shopping and the deliciousness of a good bargain,  simply Indian.
Photo courtesy : Praveen Leo 

T nagar defines the shopping spot for the lower, lower middle and some of the upper middle classes of Chennai (who love a good bargain) who rather not empty their pockets in an air conditioned metro mall. Pondy Bazar, Ranganathan street (Phew) are the Chennai hotspots for the prettiest earrings and ,dresses to the hot shoes ,glittering gold or platinum for your lady love, or the techy stuff and the best bargains.
Be it Cherokee, Reebok, Nike , Sony, Kancheevaram silk , Swarovski,Van Huesen , Allen solly , Park avenue, Karigari , Dell , Giogardini, yu get every single brand in here.I am not categorizing stuff here, but yes one just gets everything out here. Everything branded. Shops like Life style, Nalli , Mega mart, Pantaloons, Joyalukkas cater to your every shopping needs.

Photo courtesy : Varshni Sreethar 
On the other side of the story you get the cheapest of the brand imitations on the streets of pondy bazaar. You can find some of the prettiest of the skirts, bags and belts ,earrings and pretty pretty sandals (I am a little biased towards shoes) on these streets and if you do happen to have a whiplash tongue you will get your best deal. If do you get lucky these may , possibly last long enough through use.
After you are done with the whole deal of shopping your wallet empty, indulge yourself  in the choicest and the costliest of Indian and international gourmet, but I dare say in my opinion the taste of the corn and the lime soda brought on the  Ranganathan street after a baragain battle cannot be beaten out.Saravana Bhavan . Krishna Sweets , Kfc,,Murugan Idli kadai, Seashells and all that yummy food, yet One can find the pakoras and chenna masala ,iceceams , pani puri and Samosas literally walking off the stalls in Ranganthan street.

Photo courtesy :    Praveen Leo

One can find the wealthy and middle class to lower economic class Indians and foreigners likewise in the shopping agora of T nagar Such is the diversity of the shopping culture and crowd in the shopping “city” of T nagar .
Photo courtesy : Praveen Leo 

A happy go come tourist might be cheated out of his or her skin in the street shopping culture, but for the residents of Chennai, the thought of shopping on the streets sends an expectant smile to the face.



A world without sky scrapers dotting the sky
Green forests and a Green skyline
All the people of the world living as equals (Meh.?)
A lack of diversity
Imagine Uniformity
Imagine grey
Imagine the absence of colours
Imagine black and white
Imagine, and that is how far it will get.
Lack of reality.

The world we live in is of unimaginable depth, of colours. Culture, designs, people, filth, and diversity in its character.
No two designs in a kaleidoscope are the same; no two DNA or humans are the same.
No two snowflakes are identical, Nor the seed arrangement in any two sun flower.
Magic of nature.
Nothings is a copy , an exact copy .. Except probably your last semesters’ notes Xeroxed by the bunch.
The world we live (yes, am getting back to that) is an array of unique elements put together existing together harmoniously (Wars? Humans never learn. Tsk tsk)

City Scape
The world we live in, the cities we take foot in everyday is a transforming abyss, transforming at this rapid phase influenced by various elements-
·         People-society-characteristics-the changing attitude and lifestyle of today’s generation - Us - the brats of the planet.
·         Economy - the constantly fought marketing battles- sensex-nifty -collateral - banking -marketing.. yes all that.
Money Money Money
Up and Down goes the sensex (multiply by infinite times)
·         Culture- 
Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Ne-Sa to Do -Re -Mi -Fa -So - La -Ti -Do.
·         Politics - Oh yea, boring money hungry people who eat our taxes , dear politicians influence the city’s evolution - Remember the Metro Railway?
Our cities are transcending our imagination in the pace they are growing at ( Now, I’ve told that way too many times in one way or the other have I not?)
“When you are finished changing, you are finished”
-          Benjamin Franklin
My point is, you flick a switch and sleep too long and you will wake up like Rip Van Winkle

Now, clear your mind of all that i rambled about and IMAGINE.
A world of colours
A world with diverse skyscrapers lighting up the night
A world where the rich live beside the poor
A world where change is constant
A world with ever growing lights and Cities
A world where... Oh just open your eyes and look around.
This is where we live
In planet EARTH- A kaleidoscope of pseudo imagination

Inspire me, Little January

Photo Courtesy - Joel Benjamin (MCC 3rd Yr Student)

Chrispy Cold mornings
A Little girl walks down a path of soft grass in a garden
Walking in the early morning mist.
Innocent and pure as the drops of dew
The Quietest month , and The Little child in the garden, But think not that she represents inactivity,If anything.. she opens her eyes to the sky, the earth absorbing the pure rainfall as the little organisms prepare for the next season, the feasting earthworms tunnelling into the soil, making new blossoms happen.
Winter Cocoons and It’s the Dawn of the First Month of the New Year
January - The Cornucopia of Joyous Hope.
"Little January
Tapped at my door today.
And said, "Put on your winter wraps,
And come outdoors to play."
Little January
Is always full of fun;
Until the set of sun.
Little January 
Will stay a month with me
And we will have such jolly times -
Just come along and see."
- Wilfred Marshall
Wake up in the softest bed in the chilly cold weather, curl up into your patchwork quilt and go back to sleep.Laze around in the bean bag , with your favourite person, Your best mate laughing at the most infamous joke ever, Stretch and sip into the cup of Indian Chai, with a smile in your face.Januarys are for laziness and coziness. Families make holiday plans, from Missouri , Andaman and Nicobar to Hawaii and Switzerland. January Spells out holiday, love, family and happiness.

From the Cold hearts of winter
Reaches out January
Pureness of the Snow
And The warmness of love
Happiness and Joyous Adventures
The Youngest One smile.
They Love me ,January Says
A tear down her cheek
And A grin to match
Mischief managed
Petals Up turned
Chirping Blue birds
Twitchy Squirrels
“Welcome to the new world”

Wavering Minds

I became the person you feared i would be
U know yu lost me and Maybe it was meant that way
moments past the hours
it does matter to me
In a time unreal , my needs are varied
My heart is unwavered
My mind flies about
In times like this
raindrops , sweetest nectars
silence and peace.
A day with you.
memories and remembrances
I will be loved.

The Unpublished post

The Unpublished post

The days went slow and the nights creeped away painfully slow
The nights were the worst the living
Nightmares and living moments haunted me
In the midst of it all , i found the twinkle of an eye
I found my energy again
I smiled
The smile in your face
A little click on the phone and I felt pretty , beautiful and amazing again
Voice of an angel
So sweet and melodious
And the flutes kept me going on my iTunes each day -on repeat
And i laughed a ringing laugh
I feared the basic thing that drives a person forward, ambition, love and money.
But there was this misty fresh air blowing behind my face
An inspiration
And a hand to hold me and guide along the right direction
In time
I wondered if the games were games
I felt foolish at my own folly
A night in the rain and i was falling hard or maybe i already did, shit.
I was scared. And i always will be
I felt too close.
And i closed my eyes , in a moment of sadness, and a whisper of the name

Sunday, 24 February 2013

We Loved, We lost.

We Loved, We lost.
It was difficult, we fought like a married couple, but deep deep down, somewhere and always, I thought we were there for each other.
There was, Is this Un-breakable thought "What ever happens, we are for each other and always"
You know that empty feeling in the stomach you have when you have a free fall ?
I cry at times, I think of the happy times, the simple and sweet times, when the touch of my hand would light up your face and a whiff of your scent were sweet reminders that you were close to me,
The blueness of your hoodie still keeps me safe with the two pretty pillows that i always wanted from you.
I remember ironically the last time was the first time i asked anything from you.
I hold on to my phone, checking your last check in time into whatsapp, wondering if you had blocked me yet, confused about where it all went wrong.
Unable to break away from the thought, When everything is over you will be back to me.
But i do not know if until then i can handle the free fall, The emptiness everytime i reach out to that spot in my mind.
I delude myself at times still believing we are together.
I replay all the times we had,all the cute little smiles you gave me , how you used to look at me and you calling me "princess"
Lowest blow ever.

These moments are dark, and when i get out of them i do not know who i will be , but i know i will still love you, but i am afarid to take a step forward, i am afraid to look backwards, your words hurt me, badly.
You looked me in my eye and told me you didnt love me.
I cried, You saw.
I was lost...
You looked lost, I knew something was up... all the love we had wouldn't just go somewhere, i had faith.
Maybe you are just no alright now, But you punish me instead.

I wake up some mornings, feeling strong , 60 seconds later it's free fall and the sun damps.
nights are the worst, we used to talk everyday and believe in some many things, for now all is lost.