Monday, 30 July 2012

Queen Rowling

To begin with this is "Potter head related post" :D

I begin with a salutation (yes salute -respect macha) for the great Queen of our magical world.
I thank You if You stuck with Harry till the very End And Always.
The Trio :)
The magical Journey that began in 1998, and still lives on in our minds and hearts , "THIS IS LOVE"

Always - Love
Hogwarts- That magical school I would give anything, bloody anything to go.
Harry Potter - The Boy who lived, the boy who proved us good triumphs over evil
Hermoine taught us about feminine strength, and being there for your friends
Ronald , dear Ronald taught us, making mistakes is not wrong.
Gred and Forge <3
Snape - a touch o loyalty and Love, Always
And yes I have Dumbledore, Minerva, Hagrid, and - i rather not type the whole long list- i know we love them all.

Look Upto the skies, U stand among them 

An EPIC with love, loyalty, friendship, trust, imagination, values, ethics, evil , confronting your fears.
Worst break up ever.
The day i finished the books.
The day The last movie came out.
Worst break up ever.
But no, 
My love it never walked out of my life.
Harry potter, forever.
and Always
A decade has gone by,
We've grown up with Them,
Lil children today grow up with Harry.
For this is an epic that will last forever.


Happy birthday Jo!
31st July!
Forever and Always In our Lil Potter, we'll love you for giving it to us, Always!
Thank you , for my childhood :)

damn ! shut up and take me in already!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Popcorn Munchies

Author - Someone who prefers anonymity
Authors Note - Any resemblance or parallels drawn to the living or dead is purely coincidental
and the work of guilty conscience
The post is based on "pure fiction" (if you know what i mean)

" To begin with

Congrats on your new ascent to power.
Finally a head to match your shoulders.
Now you are awesome.
Totally awesome in the ways you devote your time to the welfare of your "Subjects"

You have managed to gain the love of so many people already
We cannot wait to come and rip your lovely heart out of your chest.

Then again, 
You would see me sitting with a bucket of nice fresh buttered popcorn in the background and enjoying "the funnies"

Cute aren't you?

It's funny how power can improve your judgement now to even lower levels.

I'm surprised that you can define even lower levels of judgement with your actions.
"Kya talent"

The one person who is reeking with common sense is you. 
True that, 
we couldn't ask for a better person who can plan things that can only induce peals of laughter in me.
The funnies again.
Quite an entertainment you are.

I just love it when you strut around with importance like a peacock.
I'm sure all of us are aware of the particular "famous saying"

Well am just saying 
I have a feeling that things are going to be interesting and yes, as for your enemies
They have found their place, finally.!!
And they really don't bother anymore, especially after the recent dig.
And the other person with guts, she doesn't care either, because she has a life of her own, so i guess you have a free reign now after all.
Unlimited funnies and pop corn 

Strut around, its just a short period.
The world is in Your hands.!
Adios Amigo

-Munches popcorn- "

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lamentations of a Book Slut

So, it was a lazy afternoon and as is normal for any bored-out-of-their-mind college going teenager, I was scrolling my news feed on Facebook. 
But as we all know, Facebook CAN be boring too (not that it stops us from logging back in, 5 minutes after logging out).
So I was about to do the log out-log in ritual when a notification popped up. My friend had tagged me in a wall post.
When I saw the picture she'd tagged me in, I HAD to laugh. Everything that it portrayed was shamelessly accurate.

A Book Slut. 
I'm sure many people would be irked by the particular choice of nomenclature. Not so much the "book" part as the "slut". Well, I'm personally not a big fan of profanities. Occasionally, when situations do not permit to vent my feelings by kicking something or someone, a certain F word along with a bunch of it's mates, line up and make their way out of my mouth (but I swear, the satisfaction of kicking is incomparable).

So, where were we? Yeah... the Book Slut. Though some of you might find it objectionable, I love the name (and am proud to be one myself). It's bold and like I said earlier, shamelessly accurate.

What distinguishes a Book Slut from a non-reader and a reader?

  • We don't love books. We are OBSESSED with them.

Imagine this:
A guy. Let's call him Random Dude. So Random Dude gives you two options: In one hand he has 500 bucks. In another, a book worth 500 bucks. What would you choose?

The Non-Reader: "The cash obviously... Duh."
The Reader: "The book... if it's a good one."
The Book Slut: "Oh, that's a simple one. Bitch slap the living pineapples outta whats-his-name, grab the book AND the cash, make a beeline to the bookstore, buy a new book worth 500 bucks. It's a win-win situation. For me."

What you learn: Book Sluts are ruthless when it comes to books and book deals. I'd personally say it's better if you steer clear of being the Random Dude from the above example.

  • We don't hold books. We caress them. Like our own babies.

Books are our most prized possessions. Dare to treat them carelessly and *BOOM* you just got your name on a hit-list, bro. 
Dog-ears, pencil scratches, cover creases on paperbacks, spilt food/drinks on our books are NEVER from us. They are ALWAYS from people we lend our books to. And you have no idea how much these crimes irritate us. Yes, you read right. CRIMES. I mean, do we scribble on you? Do we throw food on you? No, right? Then y u do it to our books?! 


This despicable behavior is exactly what prevents us from lending our books to you. We are scared. Ask for anything: clothes, eyeliner, shoes... you name it and we'll lend it to you happily. But never books. Because you DO NOT know how much it physically hurts us when it goes to you in a pristine condition and comes back as a bloody second-hand knock off. 

  • Nothing makes us happier than a new book.

A new book: a word worth an orgasm. Hell, even BETTER than an orgasm. The feeling we get when we open the packaging (neatly, obviously) and smell the fresh pages... is indescribable. The fingers softly caressing (am i the only one who is thinking of this line in another context? :P) while the nose reaches for the spine and the brain sings "Hallelujah".... mmmmmm.. absolute perfection. Life does NOT get better than that.

          That's how most of us look like after we're done with our package opening ritual.

  • We're magniloquent.. and we know it.
We love words. Fancy words that make a normal person scratch their head with confusion. Like I did, with "magniloquent". It's an adjective used to describe someone with an elaborate and grandiose style of speaking/writing. When you hear someone use a cool phrase, you imitate them. You use the same phrase. Why do you do that? When you get the answer to that, you'll also understand our fascination with fancy words. We think they sound cool, they convey our thoughts better and we love it when you ask us their meanings. Why wouldn't we use them? So, stop complaining. You're only wasting your breath. It's not going to make us dumb down our sentences.  

While we're at this, I might as well add that we're ardent grammar Nazis. The charm of an article, or even a person diminishes vanishes, the minute we realize grammar is something from another planet for them. And it does not take long for us to realize this. 
Everybody has some habit that is like second nature to them. Someone bites their nails, someone has an annoying catchphrase, someone talks incessantly. We correct grammar. It's our second nature, though it earns us a lot of nicknames along the lines of "pretentious", "pompous" and "vain". You know something? We don't deny it. We're actually secretly proud of ourselves for being all of those.

  • We live in our own little world. When you come in and disrupt our peace there, we are NOT amused.

One of the most annoying things a non-reader can do to a Book Slut is grab the book out of their hands when they're reading. What is this? A lame attempt at trying to include us in conversations? I'll tell you what. It is NOT cool. 
We do not read because we feel left out. We deliberately leave YOU out and travel to places unknown to you. Trust me, its way more productive than your conversations which mostly include elaborately spread-out bitching sessions. We do not need your "sympathy". It's annoying and rude. Besides, you'll be lucky if you don't have a broken limb by the time I grab my book back from you.
I felt merciful that day. So no broken limbs.

So, after all these insults and threats, I hope non-readers get a glimpse of what goes on inside the mind of a Book Slut. Though I won't be surprised if you don't. I agree. We are complex beings. And it would take a lot more than a blog post to actually understand us. You have my sympathy.

But it was a real pleasure writing this rant. It felt like saying "payback time!" to all those people who look at me funny. Just because I read books.

The next time you come across a Book Slut, beware. You never insult a higher being. NEVER.

Post Script: This post was written purely for entertainment purposes. The author is solely responsible for the views expressed.
Any offence caused intentionally or unintentionally is deeply regretted. NOT. HAHAHAHAHA... like I said, "Payback time!!" 


Friday, 20 July 2012

From STFU to Cracked Head!

Poem from STFU To me!

Why am i posting this ??
purely for the sake of showing off :P

"Thank you for being there and always being kind

Thank you, for all the times you helped me get through the tough
When scene got nasty and we all got rough

When the love in our family got thinner and faded
You were there when it all got complicated

Even when we were not in arms
I know we are still in each others hearts

You looked after me and kept me safe
And I thank you for that still to this day

Do you remember when we used to laugh? 
And fight because we had nothing better to do..

Or when it became bed time
And we laughed till we cried or cried till we laughed

We talked about everything when got to the age
And you got me through it stage by stage

But the day has now come
The day when you turn big 20

You have the world at your feet 
And that special someone

I give to you today 
Something no one can take away

A piece of my heart
The was not hard to take apart
Because you mean so much to me 

Live your life to the fullest extent 
Live it up at every event

And know that I am always here 
What ever you need
I will help you with anything indeed

I love you so much jodz
Happy 20st birthday sis
And I end this letter with a kiss 

We have lived so close to each other like forever,
Binded in love and understanding together.
So today even if we are miles and miles apart,
I promise, you will always be a part of my heart...

Happy Birthday, my dear sister...

P.S.Wish i cud have been there just for today...I Love u..U mean more to me than all the SGITWPT"

but yes , i Love yu soo much STFU!! :D

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On Globalization

Globalization: An illusion

“A global revolution,
Promises of juncture
Proclamation of new age ideals
Harmony of ideas
Demarcation of design difference”



The good: Ideas and sharing are happening all around, “booiiiing “ goes the idea across the globe.

The bad: It’s no longer “only” your idea, the kid across the globe might be just using your "not so patented idea" for his science project claiming it as his own (and that’s pretty much only the tip of the iceberg)


  The good: Growth of the energizing communication stream has transformed the boundaries of the planet ….. Closing it to be a mere “global village”. A Remarkable feet indeed.

The bad: Welcome to the virtual world. (if you’re wondering why that’s bad, you do have some serious issues)


The good: You do think that everyone’s thinking differently now.New ideas are happening!!!

The bad: You’re wrong.Everyone’s influencing each other with the ‘brand new’ communication stream that you end up with different similar ‘stuff’ (yes,Stuff), someone spell individuality.


The good: You’re building a house that’s no longer just a box.

The bad: So now you want to live in a house that looks like an amoeba? And fitting in your old comfy furniture is just another issue.

The Inference: Equate it to the devil’s words, nothing is what it was promised to be. 
Globalization: a fa├žade bound to nourish homogeneity, building a world were originality exists at least in the strands with vestigial tradition 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

One hobbling man.

I don't usually write "diaryish" blogs.... 

but this incident had to be shared

"So after a ride that was met with a exceptionally high 

number of dead ends and pot holes,in my attempt find the 

hotel ,I have to accept I was a little pissed off with the turn 

of events after spending the whole of last month in an 

unusual amount of positivity (lets hope there is a word like 

that for my sake)

I placed my order with the waiter only for him to inform 

that they were out of that dish, and my mind voice went like 

"Dude it's only 8 PM !! "

He says "mudinchu pochu ma" 

So I "had" to get something else,which happened to be one 

of my good friend's favorite ( I am glad he wasn't there 

then :P. )  

So like the neatness obsessed freak I am, I washed my 

hands and came back, and that's when I see this really little 

man who was mopping the floor.

He looks at me and give this dazzling smile.

Needless to say , I was a little surprised but I smiled back 

to him with equal ado , and I definitely did feel better.!

Smile and the world smiles with you.!

The whole place looked a lot friendlier now, and I definitely forgot about the "inadequate menu", with a shift in my energy.That is when my dad drops his keys, and this little man rushed in to help my dad with the keys, and gave it back with the same genuine smile he have me a while ago.

I noticed he was limping and one of his legs was shorter than the other, yet enveloping all that and fading them away was his smile that radiated with energy."

Wherever I go, whatever happens, and how many ever situations I come across, this man, reminds me until today, 2 years later about one thing - the power is in our hands.
It is in our hands on how you want to react the way you want the situation to turn out as.
One doesn't have to be pissed or any such with an unfortunate turn of events , and a wise friend once told me "no one can hurt you without your permission". True that.
Just smile and feel good, move ahead, forward march...
Darkness and negativity will forget you exist.