Saturday, 24 March 2012

Reach Out

She Feels more alone than ever
surrounded by everybody
yet alone

perhaps she bought it on herself
through own will and making

she saw it coming
but was just never ready for it

she finds herself alone,
more alone than ever
amongst a crowd of friends

she's lost her identity from the past
scratches of the past 
remind her of her strength

she was better than this
than now
battling her demons
she is more alone than ever

but she smiles
and reaches out a hand
and they hold her hand. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Comfortable Strangers

Sitting in the darkness
alone ...
swirling in her own thoughts
she asks myself
what went wrong ?
and where did she go wrong?

the darkness and the loneliness are comfortable strangers to her

she realizes . . as her thoughts make sense of her actions
she does not blame you, for she doesn't like to blame
she was too self involved my dear
too self involved to see what came from where
to see what you gave her , with patience

she was too obsessed with silly little things
she was too much of a perfectionist
she expected perfection in everything 
from a text message to the way your accent went

she tried making you her puppet
oh she did.
it hit her like a slap on her face
she did that to you.
she will never do that to you
she will throw her tantrums 
her mood swings
but she knows where she goes wrong, 
she is sorry.
she loves you more
and beyond everything you stuck with her
baby she loves you

Friday, 16 March 2012

History Repeats

Early morning bird calls wakes us up on the Much awaited day

the planning , the furious dedicated work.. t shirt printing... we moved towards this day .. and its finally here

Ready in a jiffy 

change to College  T shirt and arrive at the venue

Spread the cheer, 
its a whole festival out there

yes MCE is here babies!
make waaay!!

shout our way and scrape the rest of them outta the list

win it win it and win everything 
     like a boss B|

hip hip hurray for MCE !
raise the spirits
shout your way in 
cheer it up
     scare away the rest of them

show them who we are 

yea we did it again 

and thats us 

thank you seniors
and batch mates 


history repeats itself ^_^ 

Sunday, 11 March 2012


I love the moon 
the most beautiful thing on this planet
she is breath taking
i could stare at her for hours drinking in her essence pictured against the night sky

i love the waves
they way they feel against my feet, soft and soothing
yet strong enough to reassure me
i could stand by the waves forever
i thank the wind and the ocean 
for the ride into the sea

i love the smile
the smile that lights up my face
at my darkest hour
the smile that only the best of my people can bring to me

i love a hug
a hug from a loved one 
to show that they care,so sacred and assuring
i could live for it all my life 
for those hugs, thank you :)

i love music
the way it expresses exactly what i feel
the way i can float away 
forgetting reality
music itself is healing

the other part of me
you help me bring out my best and my strongest emotions at times
you help me mould myself as i create you

and above all.. i love life itself :))

for those who love me
i love you too :) more than you know.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Maa and Sis , a teacher


birth giver

you gave me your flesh and blood

you gave me your unconditional love

you held my hand when i was scared

and you pulled away when i had to grow up

you fed me ur love and strength

you made me strong

you made me the woman i am

you taught me care, love, joy and sorrow

i love you Maa *muaaaahhh*


you were my very first friend

and friend you will be my sister forever

you gave me companionship

your trust and faith

you taught me to move past crap

you cried with me, laughed with me

and yu were there for me when the world went dark


love yu sis :)

dear ma'am

you were my second momma

you hugged me when i cried on the first day of school

you stood with proud shoulders the last day of my school

you taught me a lot of valuable things in life

thank you mom (ma'am)

happy woman's day ^_^

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Much Awaited One :)

she had a smile
she was full of life 
she was vibrant with colors

i do not remember how we got talking in the first place

it doesn't matter

you were a bitch
i was a bitch
it was that simple
we matched
we struck a cord
we hugged when i had to leave 
i remember "fearless" by taylor swift , sneaking around pretending to be a vampire , and going on facebook when we were supposed to be doing design work :D
distance is nothing for us
you loved me i loved you
we cried
we fought
we hugged 
we laughed
we teased each other

2 am dates with footy matches , pepper fried eggs, countless messages, craziness, wall posts, chats , phone calls 

we had everything.

until slowly one day everything fell apart 
and "WE" died

i missed you
and you denied it
but i know enough about you to know better, u bitch.

you kept away so did i

we tried to talk a few times
it hurt

i let you go, for then 
and left it to time's way

a year passed by and i dragged you outta a shell
i nearly wanna bitch slap you when you tell me everything

you are still that girl i knew
you are still strong like her

the old days are back.

you are a bitch
i am a bitch 
and we love each other.