Thursday, 30 May 2013

To build To destroy

Life has always played its morbid sense of a humorous joke at me.
You Believe in something, someone, you put all your efforts, love, trust and hardwork into something and truly believe things are going to work out, and then a little glass shard pops out of now where to tear everything apart.
The linchin pin.
One small piece of truth, or lie, or miscalculation and the world spirals down
Things escalate and before you know it,
Its over.
It's done
And You are standing on empty ground, Unmistakably alone with the broken pieces.
What do you do ?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Life in a Dream

Now imagine, if one day you woke to the smell o baby 

powder and milk, you open your eyes to the 

ceiling, and you are inside a Crib , in a flash o moment 

your memory is erased, what if your whole life was a 

mere dream? they say when you are about to die , 

your whole life flashes in your mind's eye, now what if 

that's just the child's consciousness reaching into the 

depths o the mind when its actually about to just 

wake up.?

What if your whole life was a dream?

Inception seems real now.

And the beauty of it.? You really have no clue because 

no baby has any conscious thought process or speech 

functions to tell the world about the life he had in a 

dream, in an unlikely event that he even remembers.

just another random thought.

To Drive or Not to

A recent conversation with a close Frnd made me 

wonder,come to think of it,

in a world like today , a generation like ours, how many of 

us are truly inspired or truly motivated.?

Conviction arises from within only when a person is really 

inspired, anything less than that, is merely an obsession or a 

side track from your real destination, that you took just to 

over take someone. Are we really obsessed, or driven with a 

real conviction about something we truly believe in?

A lot of us can relate to the procrastination that comes up 

when faced with an unpleasant task, procrastination to 

escape into doing something more pleasant , so how many 

of us actually have the drive to move mountains?

We are made to believe that everyone of us actually be at 

the top of the ladder, but big surprise, or rather 

disappointment, we know what we are culminating ourselves 

into.Think about it, True inspiration, or mere obsession.?

Where do you stand?

Just a mere thought.