Monday, 25 March 2013

Butterfly's Kiss - Dedicated post.

Dedicated post.

You know when you gently hold a butterfly in your hands and it kisses you before it flies away?
Maybe like that.
Its curious and light.
I love the strength in your eyes and hands and maybe the attitude.
Hold my hand :)
Listen to my voice, and be curious.
Keep wanting.
But, that's all i will leave you to ponder on.
You would never ask, and neither will i tell you.
Find me in the warmth of the sun 
And in the coldness of the rain
Sit beside me in silence, and
That's all 

I'll let you ponder, And be curious.

And maybe i may fly away like the butterfly
Or just stick around.
And maybe tell you more.

And for the rest of you, 
I won't tell you who :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Silent tears

I lie asleep clutching the blue red pillows
You would remember them
And the memories Hit me back.
I stifle and wipe a tear,
My body arches forward, 
Unable to take the pain
I moan into the pillow, 
Wet tears staining them.
Lost, and confused, 
Ghost of your smile and hands.
I remember them
Only very vividly.
Lost in my tears.
Unable to switch off my emotions
Alas sleep evades me my love.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Once upon a time
A year ago
A few mistakes ago
I found you, and you found me .

Memories and flashes
Ghost of the reality 
and Thats all that comes back.
Never him, Never more , never less.

Whirlwind of emotions
Life is a grey kaleidoscope of images
I fell hard, You stepped back 

Its not the words you said , 
Its not the way you looked
Its the way you made me feel.
You were more, and less, and everything.

I fell hard, on the ground.

It moved too fast,
Over and done, Blinded in the darkness.
memories and flashes come back 
But never You.
The love of my life.

Thank you Taylor Swift

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Oily Boy :)

Now this is a dedicated post 
To someone very very special in my life :)
My dear little cute brother ^_^

Arun ,
Child in heart Chivalrous man 
Innocent mind and sweetness in your voice
Love from the pure heart
Care unparalled
No one can beat you or

Replace yu, Little one :)

Akka Akka was your mantra

You would love to hear me call you Kanna :)
Born from the wombs of two mothers,
yet Siblings by choice :)
One cannot find love so warming ^_^
Never in life such dedication
You are my family Lil one :)
Love Akka 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Raven Haired Stranger

Raven Haired stranger, 
With a charm in your eyes, 
I remember the words, 
The stealing glances and the whispered Lies.
Sweet lies you never meant to keep your word.
I remember your tears, crocodile tears I know today
Enough said, Enough done, Enough loved.
Now its Gone.
You walked into my life,Invited... 
You promised me the world.
Love is a fickle friend.
You are worse.
So you think You can walk in, 
Steal my heart, Rip it and walk away like that?
But thats what you did, Didnt you?
You made a choice for both of us.
Enough said, enough done and enough loved.
Go away and Begone.
Never to show me those sparkling eyes again
Never to Lie to me, Unlike you i deserve better.
And maybe some-day you may earn atleast a little respect
Good riddance