Monday, 9 December 2013

And then he whispered into my ears.

There was the crowd, The smoke, and the divine smells of the temple.
And then his fingers found mine,
He looked mischievously adorable
He had the twinkle in his eye
He whispered ever so Softly,
I love you.

I skipped , And my heart swooned.
And I was speechless.
And I swooned again
And then he held me safe, As the crowd pushed along.
And just when I thought it was complete,
He leaned in and with the kiss of a whisper
"I love you"
And it was complete.
More than just complete.
I may be a dumbarse, I may not know how to tell it right back to you,
No I just dunno.
I may not tell it to you, But I love you.
And everytime, And always, I swoon :)
And I smile now.
You make me feel complete.
And I am your dumb arse. :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Daddy's Little Girl.

Dear dad.

Once upon a time there was a little girl...
The father's little girl.
He carried her around everywhere.
Drove her in his bike
Bought her chocolates flowers and games.
He hugged her and made her feel safe.
I love you my lil princess he said.
Pink yellow blue and white
Flowers and frocks
Holidays and piggy back rides.
She used to feel safe
She looked up to her big daddy
It was a long time ago
I wanna be like daddy she used to tell everyone.

The days ran by,
she was no longer just a lil girl
daddy's little girl was no longer in his shell
the distances grew and sparks flew ahead.
Spitting fire and Hitting words
Blood and bones.
Scars and wounds.

Just as it happened was it over
He was back again with the smile
But,She searched for reasons
She looked for clues,
Leaving no stones unturned
and then it came
As she stumbled on it.
A secret sworn to a friend.
A secret that changed the life.

Battles and banishes.
He was no longer who she looked upto.
Shame came her when she remembered she wanted to be like him
Not in this life.

Distances became greater than the bridges length
Disappointed words and thoughts haunt,
The memories of the past,

are merely a shadow of happy and yearning tears.

Monday, 25 November 2013


Dear Diary,
Today was beautiful, and that was because of You.
Home is where we belong, and that's you,
Perfection, is an Illusion ,
But Warmth of the illusion isn't.
'Twas You
'Twas Me.
'Twas We.
'Twas us.
'Twas simple, and Happy.
There was too much cheese in the popcorn, or maybe so were we, Chees-o-mantically awesome and way to good looking to be wasted, period.
Damn you :)
Dear diary, maybe you are lucky, because I am telling you first, or maybe I am lucky.
But, 'Twas warm, and lovely.
Maybe I should have done more justice to the post, But Nay, I am too happy and wasted from the happiness, that I rather cling on to that than make a literary excursion.
And now , I finally sleep, with peace, and a smile and a stupid grin in pasted to my face.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Unnecessary Book mark.

Young and Carefree, Soulful joy.
Hand in Hand, Head on your shoulders, 
A drive Down the Lonely Winding Road, 
Sublte Rain washing against the windows.
Your Lips Utter my name
Your eyes Search deep inside mine.
The sparkle, The dimple, The Miracle 
The Sweet scents and The cold air.
The Cosy Couches.
Deep and Long 
Love and Insight and your lust.

Once upon a time
A love story of a life time.
A book mark today.
Unnecessary Taint in my life.
Once upon a time, 
A laughter so light.
Today the fearful tears of Trepidation.

Once upon a time
A photograph of joyous smiles.
Once upon a time, An icecream
A medicine for sickness and care.
A sip of water and the warmth of your hugs.
The passion for a life time
The lights of the night.
Colors and Happiness.
Amazing and Beautiful, 
To me, 
And to you, 

A marked mistake.
And a faithless promise broken.
Traitors Unsheathed 
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
A watchful stalker.
A reminder of the broken dream.

Once upon a time 
The dance of Love
And the Words of faith
Trusting smiles and times.
Once upon a time.
A Lie, a mistake.
And A broken arrow.
Blood and rapid breaths.
And I fall asleep, In your arms,
Only in my dreams.
The unnecessary book mark.
Good Riddance. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Drug

The drug that I took ,

Each day, the evilness associated with it,

The high and the low. 

Ah the painfulness to it.

The evil I never realised, The clinginess I had.

Slap on my face when reality strikes.

Oh the slap.

Alas I know Where I stand , I gave everything, to be 

a  subordinate, to be replaced, to be 2nd fiddle.

For love I gave everything , for love and for friendship

To be showered with disrespect.

Alas I destroyed everything I had, without realising.

And then the skies came crashing down on my head.

Ride above the waves.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Rain and the Dream

A beautiful Hindi Song plays in my head as the dream opens up in my mind's eye.
A dream , A memory.
The gentle rain falls across the window, and the darkening lights in the window  in the perfect white house, 
Our perfect white house.
 A dream that transcends into a memory.
I smile a little as you bring me coffee, And I fall back into your arms as you snuggle me in.
Your beard scratching against my hair, gentle, A welcome touch.
The warmth of your hands, and the coffee, the rainy weather, A drug to my soul.

The streets are empty, The cold lashing rain falls against us,
I shiver, You hold me closer.
You kiss me with the warmth of your love,
You kiss me in the rain
 Hold my hand and carry me away, To our magical place.

I lay next to you, Cuddled up in your arms, naked,
Watching you sleep, The rain still pours on.
Its cold outside, but it's as warm as it can be, in our little cocoon that we created.
I lay asleep in your arms, you smile at me and fall back into my rising chest , falling into a sleep.
A protective embrace
A dream, A memory.

Saturday, 29 June 2013


What happens when something as phenomenal as this happens in your perfectly awesome monotonous life?
Hit me like a wave of surprise and I sat down just by the sheer possibility of the words.
You almost have no idea, despite the obviousness to it, and you just sit there in shock, shock or maybe surprise due to the pleasantness of it.
And when my head finally clears up, I am blushing and mulling over everything like a typical girl does.
This time, Maybe I expect a little more, and give a lot more, but slowly.
Quoting from somewhere I read
"This time it's just not the warmth of a man I expect, but the strength of his shoulders and the loving arms of a friend who will stand by me and hold me for eternity , If need to be."
The future holds in it's murky realms, mysteries and We never really know what happens next.
"But , If there is hope, and If luck favors me, And if I deserve it, I will make it work, not back down, knock out the whole universe for him, until I am bald with no hair and can't go to the bathroom myself."

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The blue bird.

Every once a while as I take a leisurely recline in  my balcony sipping hot coffee,  I see him.
I see the lonely blue bird, perched on the bare chocolate brown branches of the mango tree.
Its always the same branch, the same bare leafless branch.
He sits the for hours together , for no apparent reason and disappears just like how he came.
And again, I might be able to see him a fortnight later.

Give me an answer , Dear blue bird.
Who may you be?
You stare at me, to my eyes
A strong and unyielding stare,
With those perky eyes of yours.
Who may you be?
And what do you think ,
As you sit on that branch?

Touch your heart and tell me
What do you seek?
How Old are you?
I've seen you since I can remember,
Oh blue bird,
Who may you be.

Maybe you tell me a signless message
Stark blue feathers
and the Red lining around your throat.
Yellow big eyes.
I remember you,
Always will.
I watch you fly as I take another sip.
Melancholy soul.
I know you'll be back.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Life As We know it, Changes

Its been three years now..
And college has left some special memories in my heart..
Everyday the amount of fun we had,
The way we lived together, had fun, cried, made fun of each other..
Every moment down the memory lane, was just amazing, and beautiful milestones in our lives.
Life has to take a turn now, and all of us have to leave to find our own paths, for a while atleast.
In this moment, tears beckon my eyes..
For all of you, who have been there for me in these three years thank yu :)

And for a few very special people, here is what i have to say

Divyashri, I found someone very special in you, and to yu, i dont have to say anything for yu to understand, and our silences and our giggles, speak more than anything else for us.
I will miss yu, and i will come up thr and visit yu and Everytime i go anywhr, ill remember our special dates, and get aways :)

Gayathri Vasu, You are someone special in your own way, and yu have carried me forward during some of my difficult days,I do remember the times when we could complete each others sentences.
for being my support, thanks Nannu :)

Preethima, you are someone to whom i can tell anythng and run to whenever i wanna shout in joy, or scream in anger or cry in despair,
You have always been thr, and your veetu sapadu :P sama di
i will cherish our terrace memories,late night conversations, everythin :) and always run right back to you.

Horeb, Thank you for everything horeb, you were a brother, a best frnd and a teacher to me and pushed me sometimes into the right way, you made me do things my way and you were thr for me late into the nights.. thank yu for your shoulder.

Prem, Anna, words fail me, I saw an older brother in you, someone who i always wanted all my are someone i look upto, someone with so much loyality, love and patience to give everyoe.
I dunno how wil be without seeing your moonjie for one year, i really dont wanna do it Prem.

Mera pyyar :P
12.30 in the nite, i can call you and bug yu and yu would still put up with me.
I love your winks and yu genuinely care, what more do i need to say :)
And I know down the line, yu'll always be thr.

Adithya, You are very special , very :) Thanks for all those days yu let me cry on your shoulders like a cry baby. thanks for your jokes, and yes yu are special , i don need to tell yu more, yu know what i mean :)
and one day am marrying u :P XD

Vignesh, You touch my heart in beautiful ways, I will miss you ootivitufying me , i will miss pulling ur legs, i will miss coming and delivering thayir sadam with tomato pickle to ur house,ill miss comin over to yur place whenever i want to, and i dont want yu to leave me and go :/

Kaviya, Some people, touch our hearts and leave their marks on us.
I love hugging and sleeping with you :)
and i just love the way yu care and make me feel, thr are many moments i fell in love with the person yu are..and i always will hold your hand forever,ask preethu what i told.

Juno, I love the way yu scold me, hug me and make me feel good and cared for.
You my dear , yu know how to press the right buttons to make me listen to you :)
No one can replace yu Juno ^_^
I love yu

Subhashree, awas :)
Never seen anyone who can make others feel special like you do.
the way yu care, is on a whole different level, even in your sleep.
I see a mother in yu, a sister in yu, and lots of love in your eyes.

@Harinee, Your hugs are the best, :)
They are warm and sweet and they carry me forward, we had our special moments, and ill always cherish 'em ^_^

I dont know what it was, But i loved the smiles we exchanged, the twinkle o your eyes, and the caring words :)
The cup you gave me ?
I am having my coffee in it, even now :)

Thank Yu all
-hugs and kisses- ♥ ♥
Imma going to miss yu guys :'(

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The guy.

Come to think of it, as I was minding my own business, bam comes along "The guy"
Something here didn't seem right, but something here was nevertheless too much to ignore.
What does a guy mean when he says lets take a fcuking break?
Now man, one of your own gender asked me to bitch slap the idiot across the face.
Now , Under normal circumstances, I would agree with my best "gay" friend in order, but this apparent "Guy" seems to have a soft spot in mind and I stare back yawning, "Dei enna da panna?"

Now again, Lets be friends, come to think of it, I give you everything cheesy and I get that, Hit me with a tanker and I'll go gladly.
Oh "The guy" Is more than cheesy.
But godamn you, I dont like the things you come and tell me,
Pray I understand, I am not a bambling bafoon, But down the line, my brain's gone into a permanent fuck it mode, and now I really don't know what to say to these men.
What does it mean it. Godamn you.

It drives me crazy. And the unsettling guy, is blissfully unaware, making me wanna throw a stone at him, possibly the influence of merlot.
Oh well.
Some days, and all days, Fuck it

Thursday, 30 May 2013

To build To destroy

Life has always played its morbid sense of a humorous joke at me.
You Believe in something, someone, you put all your efforts, love, trust and hardwork into something and truly believe things are going to work out, and then a little glass shard pops out of now where to tear everything apart.
The linchin pin.
One small piece of truth, or lie, or miscalculation and the world spirals down
Things escalate and before you know it,
Its over.
It's done
And You are standing on empty ground, Unmistakably alone with the broken pieces.
What do you do ?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Life in a Dream

Now imagine, if one day you woke to the smell o baby 

powder and milk, you open your eyes to the 

ceiling, and you are inside a Crib , in a flash o moment 

your memory is erased, what if your whole life was a 

mere dream? they say when you are about to die , 

your whole life flashes in your mind's eye, now what if 

that's just the child's consciousness reaching into the 

depths o the mind when its actually about to just 

wake up.?

What if your whole life was a dream?

Inception seems real now.

And the beauty of it.? You really have no clue because 

no baby has any conscious thought process or speech 

functions to tell the world about the life he had in a 

dream, in an unlikely event that he even remembers.

just another random thought.

To Drive or Not to

A recent conversation with a close Frnd made me 

wonder,come to think of it,

in a world like today , a generation like ours, how many of 

us are truly inspired or truly motivated.?

Conviction arises from within only when a person is really 

inspired, anything less than that, is merely an obsession or a 

side track from your real destination, that you took just to 

over take someone. Are we really obsessed, or driven with a 

real conviction about something we truly believe in?

A lot of us can relate to the procrastination that comes up 

when faced with an unpleasant task, procrastination to 

escape into doing something more pleasant , so how many 

of us actually have the drive to move mountains?

We are made to believe that everyone of us actually be at 

the top of the ladder, but big surprise, or rather 

disappointment, we know what we are culminating ourselves 

into.Think about it, True inspiration, or mere obsession.?

Where do you stand?

Just a mere thought.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Butterfly's Kiss - Dedicated post.

Dedicated post.

You know when you gently hold a butterfly in your hands and it kisses you before it flies away?
Maybe like that.
Its curious and light.
I love the strength in your eyes and hands and maybe the attitude.
Hold my hand :)
Listen to my voice, and be curious.
Keep wanting.
But, that's all i will leave you to ponder on.
You would never ask, and neither will i tell you.
Find me in the warmth of the sun 
And in the coldness of the rain
Sit beside me in silence, and
That's all 

I'll let you ponder, And be curious.

And maybe i may fly away like the butterfly
Or just stick around.
And maybe tell you more.

And for the rest of you, 
I won't tell you who :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Silent tears

I lie asleep clutching the blue red pillows
You would remember them
And the memories Hit me back.
I stifle and wipe a tear,
My body arches forward, 
Unable to take the pain
I moan into the pillow, 
Wet tears staining them.
Lost, and confused, 
Ghost of your smile and hands.
I remember them
Only very vividly.
Lost in my tears.
Unable to switch off my emotions
Alas sleep evades me my love.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Once upon a time
A year ago
A few mistakes ago
I found you, and you found me .

Memories and flashes
Ghost of the reality 
and Thats all that comes back.
Never him, Never more , never less.

Whirlwind of emotions
Life is a grey kaleidoscope of images
I fell hard, You stepped back 

Its not the words you said , 
Its not the way you looked
Its the way you made me feel.
You were more, and less, and everything.

I fell hard, on the ground.

It moved too fast,
Over and done, Blinded in the darkness.
memories and flashes come back 
But never You.
The love of my life.

Thank you Taylor Swift

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Oily Boy :)

Now this is a dedicated post 
To someone very very special in my life :)
My dear little cute brother ^_^

Arun ,
Child in heart Chivalrous man 
Innocent mind and sweetness in your voice
Love from the pure heart
Care unparalled
No one can beat you or

Replace yu, Little one :)

Akka Akka was your mantra

You would love to hear me call you Kanna :)
Born from the wombs of two mothers,
yet Siblings by choice :)
One cannot find love so warming ^_^
Never in life such dedication
You are my family Lil one :)
Love Akka 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Raven Haired Stranger

Raven Haired stranger, 
With a charm in your eyes, 
I remember the words, 
The stealing glances and the whispered Lies.
Sweet lies you never meant to keep your word.
I remember your tears, crocodile tears I know today
Enough said, Enough done, Enough loved.
Now its Gone.
You walked into my life,Invited... 
You promised me the world.
Love is a fickle friend.
You are worse.
So you think You can walk in, 
Steal my heart, Rip it and walk away like that?
But thats what you did, Didnt you?
You made a choice for both of us.
Enough said, enough done and enough loved.
Go away and Begone.
Never to show me those sparkling eyes again
Never to Lie to me, Unlike you i deserve better.
And maybe some-day you may earn atleast a little respect
Good riddance 

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Love is fickle Friend

Its a gumball of emotions,
They say love is a fickle friend
It started out on a fateful match , Dec 11 th .. why ?
I would never know..
The golden days of my life.
Prettiest Yellow rays and bluest ocean currents.
But like I said love is a fickle friend destined to leave when trouble raises its head
Not one of the brave heart, to stand by my side
A taste of sour pickle.
I could hate you, but hate breeds more feelings and I am afraid to hurt myself, thank you.
Maybe the squirells will teach you a lasting lesson.
A broken mirror can never be fixed.
Love reflects a thousand causes,but once broken remains broken.


Caves of darkness, and the depth of your cold eyes
and the icy chill heart
I loved someone who was not worth me
I loved someone who never knew who I was
I loved you knowing you would never accept me for who I am
Delusions and errors , rebating joy.
Glow of the lantern and fading lights
Screw you too Love.

Darkness immortal 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The Italian Joker - Scaramouche - Start Up venture

     External Article Link The Italian Joker

A quirky, fashionable ,hippy and funky brand, Scaramouche is a student initiative that was sought out by the need to provide a douse of character to accessories & design witty merchandise. An idea to create merchandise which we never were able to find anywhere else, an idea that sought out Uniqueness from the very beginning , now that was the birth of Sacramouche .

Co Founded by Varadha Balaji (Rajalakshmi Engineering College) and Dhanya Rajagopal (Meenakshi college of engineering) in May 2012 , Scaramouche has gained the attention of both teenagers and grown up and were joined by Mehavarshni Sreethar (as Designer (Meenakshi college of Engineering)) in a couple of months.

 An online album catalogue in the facebook page ( opens a wide variety of Products. One can go through the wide collection of handmade pretty pendants and earring, You have the quilled earrings, the buttons and beads. “ Not only are the “pretty pretty” , but they are also water proof and long lasting “ , I would say that from my own personal opinion

From earrings One can see a wider collection of T Shirt designs and Posters, not only are these arty , but they can also be custom made. Poster of retro Jimi Hendrix ? T shirt print for a camera buff?
For the die hard harry potter fans, get your Hogwarts letter from them and support S.P.E.W badges  !They cover it all.

(The Pop-Art Series ,Personalized pop-art, the perfect birthday gift for a friend.)

However the eye catcher of their collection is perhaps the cassette tape luminaries that can be used as table lamps or even chandeliers .
Scaramouche has redefined “Recyle Reuse and Reduce”  to its fashionable sense with Paper magazine earrings and Cassette luminaries , Creating art out of Junk. 
They also merchandise personalised handmade hard disk covers, Photo frames , Badges, Pencil holders.
 “Over the past seven months , with strong upward growth in sales , A project from the National Law school of India ( T shirt Designs for Symposiums) and the TATA Start Up Dot Start Up venture event and A stall in D.A.M Pondicherry things have been looking more than good for Scaramouche.For a student start up venture this has been pretty good recognition“ Says Dhanya.
With business cards and A website coming up for Scaramouche, these young enterprenuers are ready to roll.
" Scaramouche will Delve into the unexplored territory where could create a difference. Designing of personalized feature walls, luminaire design, pop art revival and just about anythin that comes up durin our epiphany ( whenever the smoke clears up ),and also reach the preceding generations with our product base. And  we want to expand our venture not only in terms of number of customers but also providing opportunities to designers and creative minds out there "

Contact Varadha Balaji
Phone   089 39 232129
Facebook Id - Facebook link

Think T nagar

Madras machi Diaries - A Photo Story - Think T nagar

Welcome to Chennai, the galleria of cultural differences and one of the largest metro cities in India.
T Nagar or Thyagarayar Nagar.
Think T nagar and Imagine the thrill of street shopping and the deliciousness of a good bargain,  simply Indian.
Photo courtesy : Praveen Leo 

T nagar defines the shopping spot for the lower, lower middle and some of the upper middle classes of Chennai (who love a good bargain) who rather not empty their pockets in an air conditioned metro mall. Pondy Bazar, Ranganathan street (Phew) are the Chennai hotspots for the prettiest earrings and ,dresses to the hot shoes ,glittering gold or platinum for your lady love, or the techy stuff and the best bargains.
Be it Cherokee, Reebok, Nike , Sony, Kancheevaram silk , Swarovski,Van Huesen , Allen solly , Park avenue, Karigari , Dell , Giogardini, yu get every single brand in here.I am not categorizing stuff here, but yes one just gets everything out here. Everything branded. Shops like Life style, Nalli , Mega mart, Pantaloons, Joyalukkas cater to your every shopping needs.

Photo courtesy : Varshni Sreethar 
On the other side of the story you get the cheapest of the brand imitations on the streets of pondy bazaar. You can find some of the prettiest of the skirts, bags and belts ,earrings and pretty pretty sandals (I am a little biased towards shoes) on these streets and if you do happen to have a whiplash tongue you will get your best deal. If do you get lucky these may , possibly last long enough through use.
After you are done with the whole deal of shopping your wallet empty, indulge yourself  in the choicest and the costliest of Indian and international gourmet, but I dare say in my opinion the taste of the corn and the lime soda brought on the  Ranganathan street after a baragain battle cannot be beaten out.Saravana Bhavan . Krishna Sweets , Kfc,,Murugan Idli kadai, Seashells and all that yummy food, yet One can find the pakoras and chenna masala ,iceceams , pani puri and Samosas literally walking off the stalls in Ranganthan street.

Photo courtesy :    Praveen Leo

One can find the wealthy and middle class to lower economic class Indians and foreigners likewise in the shopping agora of T nagar Such is the diversity of the shopping culture and crowd in the shopping “city” of T nagar .
Photo courtesy : Praveen Leo 

A happy go come tourist might be cheated out of his or her skin in the street shopping culture, but for the residents of Chennai, the thought of shopping on the streets sends an expectant smile to the face.