Wednesday, 7 December 2011

God's Own World

there she was, unable to "see" the world around her, but this beautiful child had te most amazing smile ive ever seen in my life, she had te most melodious voice i've heard... n yes that smile again on her face, radiates happiness...

there ws this other child, she was jus twelve but she was capable of holdin everyone o them in her bosom and takin care of them
and a lil child of 5 yrs being the mother for alluva them . .  

i find myself incapble o expressing myself with words for the very first time in my life...

a picture is worth a thousand words...

the followin pictures narrate the story of the love nd affection rendered by these childern that made me go dumbstruck...
every child had a story 
every child has a smile on his or her face despite everythin in their life

love them
they deserve it more than anythin else...
help them in some way, anyway yu can
spend time with .,, tatsall they need, acceptance in the world
they are god's own childern... 

post in a comment if you want to do something for them :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Because You are A Friend

when yu're sad
i will dry your tears
wen you're scared
ill chase your fears

when you're worriesd
ill give you hope
when you'r confused
ill help yu cope

and when you're lost
and cant see the light
i shall be your beacon
shinning ever soo bright

this is ma oath
i pledge till the end
why? you may ask..
"because u're a frnd"

Being Different - Poetic relevation

How can one be different 
If being different is just a thing?
if we all have the same features, 
then what does being different bring?
people blinded by ignorance 
cannot possibly see 
that there is no difference 
between them and anyone else
looks make no differences
for they are just to be seen
if I am not someone else
why should they be mean?
if being different is wrong
i rather not be right
and i will finish living,
fighting this different fight.

Poems 1-o-1 Of Hopes

hope abides

hence i abide

countless frustrations

haven't cowed me to saturation

am still alive

very much vibrant wid life

the black clouds disappear

the morning sun appears

with its full supernatural glory

The obituary

Alas I cannot sleep, Dreams and Reality lash in together
Memories are etched inside fresh as Blue Berries
The wound hasn't healed And will never
I dream of your returning To the Living World
only to be awakened to the harsh reality
That you're gone forever

The death of someone You know for all your life
Cannot be any less Traumatic on the living one
I hold on my memories whose remembrance
Brings along the ache that should
Belong only to the past
Every Lil thing
Every single place we grew together
Will be a standing pain in my mind

I saw you, as you were taken away
I saw a million things , Felt the stab,
Of thousand daggers cuz i know...
You're gone..  Forever

I know you'll rest in peace
But, Alas you failed to teach me how to be
Without you.

My dear friend
I spend every single day,
Remembering you
Even though I learnt to make myself stronger
I cannot deny the love of the years we Grew up together

I wish that you rest in eternal peace
I shall learn to kill the pain
And cherish the memories

But first i gotto get my grip on reality
I Gotto sleep :/

A Change In the Winds

Sometimes when it is just not worth it ,  i don't really 

see the reason why people pull through making a hell out 

of life for themselves and their loved ones for 

completely worthless and trivial issues.....

you know you're going to get back talking after all that 

yada yada shit..

well if its something small.. you better let   it go ,just 

put into that beautifuly carved drawer of the "unspoken 

words" ....

it'll not be forgotten

forgiving these  lil things in life make a huge diffenrnce 

there is absolutely no point in holding your stake against 

your loved one when you can very well spend the same 

time making memories

the way you are going to react to something is the whole 

difference in how you are going to shape your future

atleast your immediate future

this is not one of the “hey you gotta be nice to every 

other idiot down the road “ stuff…

so believe me or not.. make your choice... abandon or 


starting from the way you react to your younger sister 

breaking your new pen to reacting to your own peer 

group.. its in your hands to shape up things....... 

reactions shape up the world around you..

its upto you to go screaming your head off, freaking your 

lil sis or giving her a loving kiss and letting go....

..for after all human relationships are more important 

than materialistic concerns.

the same could be put through for the “situations” that 

happen between friends...,

a simple misunderstanding or “over reacting “ (which so 

beautifully finds its way into every teenagers life) can 

lead to dragon fire spitting between the two friends…

this ofcourse did happen to me and one of my friends…

until today..

........wen I really learnt not hold my grudge… I was in 

no hurry to pick up a fight… I dint react to what she 

called a over reacting text :D

well god knows what she may be going through and if I 

can play my little role by not adding a load of my pile of 

dumbness to her plate it wil be a well appreciated 

favour… and quite predictably the issue ended in “hugs 

love yu”

 this would be in line for every1 of us…

and ofcourse this would only be my point of view from 

being a teenager,.. there is more to this . .. a wider 

field in the adult scenario which is sadly  ignored 

people don't just understand the value of letting go of 

tiny lil issues...

letting go can make or break a relationship...

the issue in hand…... in crystal clear words ...........

if your  buddy shows his or her anger at you.. think once 

before you react..

he or she may need a hug or  a reassurance that she r 

he is loved by you.. but instead they encounter more 

harshness to their already full plate....

now given that you react the right way.. and if they did 

apologize… accept it wid goodwill..cuz they’l mean it :D

for they are your friend in the end its going to be yu and them,,, why let these lil things tarnish the beautiful friendship? And evn if they dint ask a sorry.. once again no problem.. compromise.. wat r friends for afterall??

just let go.. go with the breeze ... no harm at all...