Monday, 27 February 2012

A Dedicated Post - Wolf.

The time is ripe and right for this post ..
the person who helped her grow up
people change and some changes are good.
be blessed if you went through the good.

she had a friend
they knew each other since early childhood
he was like a rock to her
someone who guided her
protected her and took care of her when she was too weak to walk by her own
he sat through all her drama with patience
he was patient
he was mature
he was right almost all the time
and he knew 
he was expressive through art
he had a fine voice (fine it was)
he took care of people
he bragged 
he was independent against the sun set
deep brown eyes and well set towards the goal
he knew to keep going even though he had no idea where he was heading to
he was in control
he had faith
he was playful 
he smiled and he was ever cheerful and positive
he was married to the idiot box 
he loved bhel puri and watermelon juice 
he loved to walk around 
and he still has his ludicrous lone wolf theory :P

and she hopes this helps him remember who he was

 welcome back amigo :).

Sunday, 26 February 2012


every dawn begins with good grace
every dawn brings in a smile of anticipation and laziness into my body
i remember your face 
your smile
that childish voice
the cheerfulness and the laugh
your warmth 
i pull the blanket holding on closer to my morning dreams 

i close my eyes and play around the scene yet again
how you can come so close to me and yet stay so far enough to just make my heart race 
the memory of that hint of musky sweet scent that carries around in your wake as i cling to the blueness of your hoodie

my heart skips a beat and spine shivers and i hold my breath
a hurricane hits me 
good morning  

i wake up consumed by emotions and yet glad since i know i have you,baby, and no one will have what we have or will ever know what it is to be us.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

For All Those Who Made It Home

Its nothin very profeessional it may not have a defiite sequnce or anythin but its heartfelt i promise
ive been wantin to write this note fr the past few days.. but i could nevr write anythin tats not heartfelt
te time has come wen i can type away frm ma heart
here goes.. pardon me for any errors!

the time came wen i had ta leave the  cocooned environment of ma school n had to step into the drastic real world wid lecturers who can eat my head for a single word against them
my school was a place ws everyone was free willed and wen my school ended truthfully speakin i spent the first three months of my holiday showin a "cool" attitude callin psbb as history n tat it has ntn ta do wid me.. but the minute i stepped into tat place inorder ta deliver ma lil brothers lunch box.. after 3 months... i broke down ... n i still cry sometimes wen i think abt ma school it was nevr histroy

i wondered if i can evr evn make nw frnds r anythin.. my older ones driftin apart and ma oldest ones styin closer n tellin me ta go wid the flow

ppl i spent the first weekk being doubly boisterous and talkativve .. tats the way i show out ma nervousness

naked here i can tell yu tat i was fearful of being left out or not being understood ... n all tat crap

slowly everythin chnged..
u new set of ppl have helped me enjoy these days more than ever.. prolly te last days of our lives tats left streess freee.. before we embark the competitive proffesional world

some special ppl did make coll more invitin than evr.they'll kno who they r :D.... infact i look forward to come ta college jus as much as i did ta go ta ma school

things chnge ...i can already see gangs formin amonsgt d girls...n guys :P
jus hold on ta everyone forget no one
try nat ta make rivals or have any discrpancies wid anyone pls....
5 years hold immense possiblities....i jus hope watevr chnges happn... i will be loved as evr...

:)well im stil goen na irritate ppl.. ttats nevr gna chnge... born wid me.. and am gna shout nonsense in class....
lets have fun and enjoy every single part! YAY US!

love yu guys! *hugs* *muwah*

The Three Bitches

this letter was written almost a year ago.. i decided to post

it without editing it, for the letter to carry it's original


Some ppl may find it weird .. but to us .. a lifelong friendship 

struck up in a matter of two days

We never saw each other after that we never did

Modern technology helped a little connecting but that was all 

that was required

You know more about me than any1 else in the world

I could call you message you any odd minute off the night. 

The devil maybe asleep but v know we r there for each 


Dear apar and jen

I pen this down with no composite sequence or anything.. its 

completely heartfelt and I wish I could take you both into

my mind show you that huge room that’s marked apar and 

jensy and make you realize wat I feel

Whatever that noodles headed idiot did I don’t know but i 

know his studio was more than what we needed to know each 


I meant apar first. Like every other “first” meet I always 

remember I rember this one also very clearly

I was sittin ghost ridden not knwin wat to do starin into the 

glass tables in banwars studio … I was very low on ma self 

esteem levels back then .. and I was also caught up in this 

alien situation (Gujarat obviously and to add to that hindi)

She approached me ,due to ma south Indianish origin.. I 

think she saw ma kunkumam

 Well jensy… we didn’t actually strike the cord till you missy 

walked into our lil scenario two days later… I was just being

 formal with apar also

But wen u walked in and well addin to the fact tat both f us 

were new additions banwar made us sit togthr rembr?? Tats

 wat made it


(cant believe I jus said tat)

Your sense of humour and rule breaking things.. brought us 

three toghtr ryt??

Some how… I feeell me and jensy esatblised the base for 

our frndship in those two days but hwevr I couldn do tat wid 

apar.. cuz we din get the tym to meet.. our classes were f 

diff timings

Wel.. jensys intervention made sure I got to know yu!!

Its kinda you know a heart warmin beautiful miracle hw

 three ppl… at three diffenrt corners of the country can 

keep in touch .. n secondly BE THIS CLOSE ,cuz.. evn though

 the world grows in social networkin.. shrinkin the world into

 1 huge global village .. sealin the former… the latter I 

believe is a miracle achieved

 I mean we know soo mch abt each other

I simply marvel at the fact hw v can love each other soo 


(jensy bring in tat “into the female” thing jke now n ill kill yu: :P)
I dunno how exactly to express tat into words… its jus sooo

 awesome tat we can be close wid texts calls and chats.. yuk

 no we nevr met after tat

But look at wat we three r!! we have our lives in collge

But if ther is tat “important” thing tat personal thng tats 

thr… it its between us three

I really hve no idea hw we achieved tat kina trust or bond! 

Maybe this is called meant to be (jen again no lesbo jokes)

End of the day.. wat evr we fight .. watevr… anything like “ill

 nevr tlk to tat bitch””me n her r done
Etc and related phrases get into the mist

You both ppl I certainly think abt b4 goeb to bed

Cuz in the end … ITS US THREE

Sometimes…………….. despite myself

Evn though we nevr did meet after those two days

But then again I shouldn say the abve statement cuz I feel 

those pangs cuz we nevr met…  I jus miss yu both soo badly..i 

wish yu both lived in the city… smewhr within the reach (of

 three hundred bucks)

The floodgates r open again now

I jus wish I could c u both hug yu till yu both die

Talk in person and all tat!

There r these lil things tat matter befre I close the lettr cuz im over whelmed

Yu know apar….

I noe yu jus act dumb… I know hw brainy yu r… yur the kina

 ppl who r born on the planet to boost other ppls ego….. to 

give them confidence, tats reali sweet f yu

N yu remember everyother detail .. every lil single itsy bitsy

No one can do tat unless they really care about a person… 

thnks for tat, n yur really sincere wen yu hafta be

Yu know im soo proud to say someone evn out thr in nagpur

cares abt me

Evn if every1 leaves me .. I have yu

Dear jensy,

 some ppl have the charisma , the ppl winning ability.. yu have

use it.

There r loads f things abt yu tat r magnetic

N once someone gets inside yur sheelll.. we see yu hw yu r…

 nice good and sweet,  a bitch yu r sometyms.. but tat ads to 

the zing to yur personality !

True we all  have our tyms… every1 does… tats natural..

 and yu and me share something speacil.. yu know wat???

We team up and tease apar!!

I loved the planning we do..!

XD best moments

I jus loved talkin to you both… tellin yu both everythin ! yu 

both I can say r two jewels I struck rich in the vast sand…

Love yu both

Missyu both 

Butterflies, The Bitches

Oh yes i love the whole gang of yu ,no doubt of that

You guys are the sweetest ever aint yu?
no one can be ever so bitchy to the world than yu guys

to queen butterfly

i love your ludicrous  rumors
and as a piece of advice i do think yu should take care of your own life once a while

and to the wannabe
i positively adore your spirit but , unfortunately you'll never be her, don't waste your breath,
and if you have an ounce of brain you'll see she's headed towards no good herself

to the goody girl acting fairies,
we know who you are, past your tears :)
so fly away with the rest

as for the rest of them,
stick around and go down together.

you know we love you


fly around
we all love to see yu fade ..

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Skipping to the Present

she is here... away on a trip..
she's with her best friends
she cant help but missing him ..

this is going to be one cheesy post.

 she misses him so badly that every minute seems to drive her desperate
she went around flicking her friends laptops just to get  online and drool over his photos, yea drool, or thats her best friend told her..

the miles between them seem to be too distant and she can't help but opening the flood gates just thinking about the minutes she wants to be with him,
wy cant forever come quickly.? and why cant he jus invent the time machine already?

no offence to big eyes , shorty , pretty face or mr bangalore (oh yea so much melodrama and they are back as frnds), i love yu guys but i need him also in there..
there are times when just hugs his hoodie (which she flicked from him )

she loved the way it made her feel protective and give herself that feeling that he was close to her.
she loves him and she misses him

Monday, 13 February 2012

Crap Bag..

time to start packin .!

*sleeps off*

its time for her to leave for her rurals and she has to leave on valentines day...
its been almost a week since she saw him and fate was just being against them as she reluctantly threw piles of clothes into the bag

so she sat down the week and did something special for him, which does not include "moonu" or the vernacular pronunciation of the moon.!

back to piles of clothing again
she's always been bad at packing
and procrastination is not goena help u girl..


she can't help but pack a million of her belongings into her already overflowing bag of crap.. oh well mission phail.
time for break.. *sleeps off*

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dear Mr. Bangalore

Dear Mr. Bangalore 

remember the first time you cared enough about her to console her the whole night?
remember the million texts and chats and fights ?
the discussions about music, the secrets?
the fun and the talk and the lies?
the stories yu told her?
the days you sat and talked about god knows what?
the silly jokes? the long hours?
the work?
the days ? and the nights?
the trust? the promises?
the thirteen texts?
the day yu made fun of her for she was yur closest?
remember what yu told shorty's mother?

you love and care about her and protect her the way you did from the very beginning

she knows

she loves you too

past all what people say
you and her will stick together

she promises

ps- the post now stands as a tribute to the faith and loyality he shows to her

thank you she says

she couldn't get another friend like him

Sunday, 5 February 2012


She got down the bike . .
their time was up . .
she bid him farewell . . confused but glad that she told him
. .
he looked at her, and gave her a brilliant smile and sped away
she quite never understood what he meant for the nuthead she was . .

she spent the night at her frnds place... and both of them sat down the whole night jabbering away.. gossiping and girl talks...
she tells her what she felt for him :)

her friend gives her assurance...

he sends her one lone goodnite,
what a jerk she thinks..

she spent the night tossing and turning, not sleeping until early morning. .

Big Eyes Shorty and Pretty Face

She has three friends,

Big eyes was her first best friend... her sis
she loved her so much that she would do anything for her even share her food =)
Big eyes loved her too =) she took care of her, she was there for her and always looking out for her.. !
they are inseparable and they always will be
they have their fights.. but in the end they are one for each.

She had always adored Pretty face and Shorty because of the undulating bond they shared, Pretty face and Shorty resembled her and Big eyes :)

In time she learnt to trust Shorty , and he made her laugh at her darkest hour..
Pretty face took a while to come around, though she was there for her on and off.

Somewhere down the line things fell into place and now she knows that these four are the people she will love the most , no favoritism.. haha =)
she knows she can depend on pretty face, yes yur also my sis now , she can be protected by big eyes and taken care by shorty 

To all three of yu i give yu my heart and my roses, i love yu guys...
without whom i wont be who i am today
and i wouldn't wanna lose u guys ever

Friday, 3 February 2012

Crossing roads . . .

it was so subtle that a passerby would miss it..
but it came out crashing like the music of waves.
it took her by surprise...
it was so new and naive...

the doubts seem tasteful...
and every breath so close. she suddenly felt detached
and she was aware of nothing but herself ...!

music was never so souless ,
he held her hand for the first time ,

everything was complete now
and nothing could be compared to him.
he was everything she needed.
she understood it...
but she didnt know what he felt...
will she ever . . ?

Thursday, 2 February 2012


they meet by chance . . 
he takes away her breath the very moment she sees him, 
she blushes...
she turns away a little embarrassed , he looks at her with  a curious grin.. 

she doesn't know him
its the very first time she's even heard of him
but she knew he was there to change her life

she seem to notice every detail of him 
,wonder and blush and hide :)

he made her feel free, he made her feel like an equal
he shone with power
and she loved his charisma and gallant stride
he carried something that made her heart strings pull along with him everywhere he went

the time seem to fly away and they were ready to go...
she had to tell him something .. 
she could feel it...
it was the right thing to do...
it was almost time to part... will they see each other again?
and thats when she told him . . .