Thursday, 20 February 2014

Darkest of Nights

When I Close my eyes
and Pull upon a long lost day dream
In the Darkest of Nights
As the coldest draft of wind 
Grazes my face,
You whisper my name.
As I lie in your arms,
A perfect Fit.
The smell of your hair
The washed in Deo and Sweat.
I bathe in the moon light,
Naked to the soul,
With your hands by mine.
The Stars twinkle at us,
Sworn to our common secret.
In the Darkest of the nights,
In the whisper of my eye lashes,
Your name,
Your face.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The First Dance

                                          She smiled at him.
                            For the first time, him, her husband.
                                He looked deep into her eyes.

"My wife", he whispered, "I love you"
A shiver went up her spine.
Her soul held a breath.
He pulled her closer,
Guiding her to the centre.
All eyes on them.
One two and three,
Together they danced,
Mister and Missus.
For the very first time.
He held a hand, one to her hip,
Brushed her lips, small peck.
They turned and smiled to the faces.
He was hers.
She was his.