Monday, 27 May 2013

Life in a Dream

Now imagine, if one day you woke to the smell o baby 

powder and milk, you open your eyes to the 

ceiling, and you are inside a Crib , in a flash o moment 

your memory is erased, what if your whole life was a 

mere dream? they say when you are about to die , 

your whole life flashes in your mind's eye, now what if 

that's just the child's consciousness reaching into the 

depths o the mind when its actually about to just 

wake up.?

What if your whole life was a dream?

Inception seems real now.

And the beauty of it.? You really have no clue because 

no baby has any conscious thought process or speech 

functions to tell the world about the life he had in a 

dream, in an unlikely event that he even remembers.

just another random thought.

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