Monday, 25 November 2013


Dear Diary,
Today was beautiful, and that was because of You.
Home is where we belong, and that's you,
Perfection, is an Illusion ,
But Warmth of the illusion isn't.
'Twas You
'Twas Me.
'Twas We.
'Twas us.
'Twas simple, and Happy.
There was too much cheese in the popcorn, or maybe so were we, Chees-o-mantically awesome and way to good looking to be wasted, period.
Damn you :)
Dear diary, maybe you are lucky, because I am telling you first, or maybe I am lucky.
But, 'Twas warm, and lovely.
Maybe I should have done more justice to the post, But Nay, I am too happy and wasted from the happiness, that I rather cling on to that than make a literary excursion.
And now , I finally sleep, with peace, and a smile and a stupid grin in pasted to my face.

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