Monday, 17 January 2011

The obituary

Alas I cannot sleep, Dreams and Reality lash in together
Memories are etched inside fresh as Blue Berries
The wound hasn't healed And will never
I dream of your returning To the Living World
only to be awakened to the harsh reality
That you're gone forever

The death of someone You know for all your life
Cannot be any less Traumatic on the living one
I hold on my memories whose remembrance
Brings along the ache that should
Belong only to the past
Every Lil thing
Every single place we grew together
Will be a standing pain in my mind

I saw you, as you were taken away
I saw a million things , Felt the stab,
Of thousand daggers cuz i know...
You're gone..  Forever

I know you'll rest in peace
But, Alas you failed to teach me how to be
Without you.

My dear friend
I spend every single day,
Remembering you
Even though I learnt to make myself stronger
I cannot deny the love of the years we Grew up together

I wish that you rest in eternal peace
I shall learn to kill the pain
And cherish the memories

But first i gotto get my grip on reality
I Gotto sleep :/

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