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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

God's Own World

there she was, unable to "see" the world around her, but this beautiful child had te most amazing smile ive ever seen in my life, she had te most melodious voice i've heard... n yes that smile again on her face, radiates happiness...

there ws this other child, she was jus twelve but she was capable of holdin everyone o them in her bosom and takin care of them
and a lil child of 5 yrs being the mother for alluva them . .  

i find myself incapble o expressing myself with words for the very first time in my life...

a picture is worth a thousand words...

the followin pictures narrate the story of the love nd affection rendered by these childern that made me go dumbstruck...
every child had a story 
every child has a smile on his or her face despite everythin in their life

love them
they deserve it more than anythin else...
help them in some way, anyway yu can
spend time with .,, tatsall they need, acceptance in the world
they are god's own childern... 

post in a comment if you want to do something for them :)


  1. The photos are very touching. Wish I could spend a day with these people , be one among them and spread a huge smile on their parched faces which has seemed to fade away due to the tough times they must have had. Loving this Varshini. Keep doing the good work and enlightening people's minds... Will definitely join you in your noble work if you can call me while you are visiting them :)