Thursday, 2 February 2012


they meet by chance . . 
he takes away her breath the very moment she sees him, 
she blushes...
she turns away a little embarrassed , he looks at her with  a curious grin.. 

she doesn't know him
its the very first time she's even heard of him
but she knew he was there to change her life

she seem to notice every detail of him 
,wonder and blush and hide :)

he made her feel free, he made her feel like an equal
he shone with power
and she loved his charisma and gallant stride
he carried something that made her heart strings pull along with him everywhere he went

the time seem to fly away and they were ready to go...
she had to tell him something .. 
she could feel it...
it was the right thing to do...
it was almost time to part... will they see each other again?
and thats when she told him . . .

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