Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bitching of a Kaet Lover.


the most adorable little pets that a woman can get (no offence to the guys who love kaets)
its the ultimate pet with the attitude

you give it your love and care and it doesn't give a damn f*** about anything
"i live my life the way i want "

don't get me wrong
i love kaets
absolutely love those creatures

its the attitude that sets them apart and thats exactly why i love those tiny little things reeking with attitude

fix a bed for them ?

oh they dont give a shit,i rather go sleep right in the center of the bed, or just about right on yur stomach

i'm the boss

ever wondered why yu can never train a kaets the way yu train dogs ? (no offence to dog lovers )
cuz they just dont want to budge
you cant find a lazier and a more self obsessed creature on the planet than the cat

furry little ball of fun, full of energy and playfulness...

if u can take in their attitude, i think u have found the most self respecting pet ever, and no dont expect them to hero worship them
they'll love you 
in their own kaetish special way :)

   kaets, i love them.
  yes they are cute :D

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