Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy Birthday dear Mr. Bangalore.


A simple lovable and adorable person
the most important thing for you is friendship , and trust
Where there is no trust, there is no you , you tell me.
You are silly and You got your own sense of humour.

All o us love you
and You are that sweet.
You take care of us when we need you.
Why, i asked you.
because you are my friend you told me.

talented yet quite modest,
adorably lovable,
conquer the world baby...
with your words.
as you are quite capable.
asshole you are :D im not denying that either
no one can be a pain in the ass much as you can be!!

Happy birthday to you keshu :)
may god bless you with a long , prosperous and happy life.
may you find what you want in life.

for love
for trust
for the hugs
for the comforts
for the good times we had
for the good times we will have
for the fights we always fight

-With Loads of Love
your best friend.

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