Friday, 25 January 2013

A year and more

Its been over a year , and You have been more to me than anyone could wish for.

Its has been strings in the wind to and fro
loads of love and loads of arguments,
I love the days we stay up till 4 am in the night just because we dont want to stop hearing each other's voice
yet there are many days we dont know what to talk about
A little silence.
A comfortable silence.

Music in our lives
its rock and roll one day, classical the next , Pink floyd one day , Rahman the next and System of down the next,
But what matters is we sing it along however bad we are at it
We try our best to make it better each day
We may feel like it gets worse each day
But winter comes before spring, Like what Robert Frost says
Love doesn't fade with time, I don't believe in that, instead if anything , it strengthens,
but only because it understands.
I do not know if i have been perfect enough for you, even when i scream at yu, 
I want you to know I regret is even as the fight goes on.
I want you to know i try hard
I give up a lot o time, unlike you i do not have the patience or the perseverance, Nevertheless , 
you have always been there to show me what is to be us.
We cannot give up not because we cannot handle it
We cannot give up only because it is too precious to let go 
Remember what a certain someone told us by his terrace?

Love doesn't fail in the most difficult of the stances even though it may seem so.
I want you to know this
Having a life on my own doesn't mean i dont love you as much as you.

Just believe in me.

I breathe for that.

 Coffee isn't special without you
Chocolates are everything when you give it to me
The sunset is prettier with my head on your shoulder
Dreams are for You
Anger is not elemental without you as the reason
Eyes are Lightless without your eyes
Mornings are for I love yous
Life is for You
Cuz yu are mine

Love you

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