Monday, 25 March 2013

Butterfly's Kiss - Dedicated post.

Dedicated post.

You know when you gently hold a butterfly in your hands and it kisses you before it flies away?
Maybe like that.
Its curious and light.
I love the strength in your eyes and hands and maybe the attitude.
Hold my hand :)
Listen to my voice, and be curious.
Keep wanting.
But, that's all i will leave you to ponder on.
You would never ask, and neither will i tell you.
Find me in the warmth of the sun 
And in the coldness of the rain
Sit beside me in silence, and
That's all 

I'll let you ponder, And be curious.

And maybe i may fly away like the butterfly
Or just stick around.
And maybe tell you more.

And for the rest of you, 
I won't tell you who :)

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