Friday, 1 March 2013

Raven Haired Stranger

Raven Haired stranger, 
With a charm in your eyes, 
I remember the words, 
The stealing glances and the whispered Lies.
Sweet lies you never meant to keep your word.
I remember your tears, crocodile tears I know today
Enough said, Enough done, Enough loved.
Now its Gone.
You walked into my life,Invited... 
You promised me the world.
Love is a fickle friend.
You are worse.
So you think You can walk in, 
Steal my heart, Rip it and walk away like that?
But thats what you did, Didnt you?
You made a choice for both of us.
Enough said, enough done and enough loved.
Go away and Begone.
Never to show me those sparkling eyes again
Never to Lie to me, Unlike you i deserve better.
And maybe some-day you may earn atleast a little respect
Good riddance 

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