Monday, 19 August 2013

Rain and the Dream

A beautiful Hindi Song plays in my head as the dream opens up in my mind's eye.
A dream , A memory.
The gentle rain falls across the window, and the darkening lights in the window  in the perfect white house, 
Our perfect white house.
 A dream that transcends into a memory.
I smile a little as you bring me coffee, And I fall back into your arms as you snuggle me in.
Your beard scratching against my hair, gentle, A welcome touch.
The warmth of your hands, and the coffee, the rainy weather, A drug to my soul.

The streets are empty, The cold lashing rain falls against us,
I shiver, You hold me closer.
You kiss me with the warmth of your love,
You kiss me in the rain
 Hold my hand and carry me away, To our magical place.

I lay next to you, Cuddled up in your arms, naked,
Watching you sleep, The rain still pours on.
Its cold outside, but it's as warm as it can be, in our little cocoon that we created.
I lay asleep in your arms, you smile at me and fall back into my rising chest , falling into a sleep.
A protective embrace
A dream, A memory.

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