Saturday, 29 June 2013


What happens when something as phenomenal as this happens in your perfectly awesome monotonous life?
Hit me like a wave of surprise and I sat down just by the sheer possibility of the words.
You almost have no idea, despite the obviousness to it, and you just sit there in shock, shock or maybe surprise due to the pleasantness of it.
And when my head finally clears up, I am blushing and mulling over everything like a typical girl does.
This time, Maybe I expect a little more, and give a lot more, but slowly.
Quoting from somewhere I read
"This time it's just not the warmth of a man I expect, but the strength of his shoulders and the loving arms of a friend who will stand by me and hold me for eternity , If need to be."
The future holds in it's murky realms, mysteries and We never really know what happens next.
"But , If there is hope, and If luck favors me, And if I deserve it, I will make it work, not back down, knock out the whole universe for him, until I am bald with no hair and can't go to the bathroom myself."

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