Sunday, 1 December 2013

Daddy's Little Girl.

Dear dad.

Once upon a time there was a little girl...
The father's little girl.
He carried her around everywhere.
Drove her in his bike
Bought her chocolates flowers and games.
He hugged her and made her feel safe.
I love you my lil princess he said.
Pink yellow blue and white
Flowers and frocks
Holidays and piggy back rides.
She used to feel safe
She looked up to her big daddy
It was a long time ago
I wanna be like daddy she used to tell everyone.

The days ran by,
she was no longer just a lil girl
daddy's little girl was no longer in his shell
the distances grew and sparks flew ahead.
Spitting fire and Hitting words
Blood and bones.
Scars and wounds.

Just as it happened was it over
He was back again with the smile
But,She searched for reasons
She looked for clues,
Leaving no stones unturned
and then it came
As she stumbled on it.
A secret sworn to a friend.
A secret that changed the life.

Battles and banishes.
He was no longer who she looked upto.
Shame came her when she remembered she wanted to be like him
Not in this life.

Distances became greater than the bridges length
Disappointed words and thoughts haunt,
The memories of the past,

are merely a shadow of happy and yearning tears.

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