Monday, 9 December 2013

And then he whispered into my ears.

There was the crowd, The smoke, and the divine smells of the temple.
And then his fingers found mine,
He looked mischievously adorable
He had the twinkle in his eye
He whispered ever so Softly,
I love you.

I skipped , And my heart swooned.
And I was speechless.
And I swooned again
And then he held me safe, As the crowd pushed along.
And just when I thought it was complete,
He leaned in and with the kiss of a whisper
"I love you"
And it was complete.
More than just complete.
I may be a dumbarse, I may not know how to tell it right back to you,
No I just dunno.
I may not tell it to you, But I love you.
And everytime, And always, I swoon :)
And I smile now.
You make me feel complete.
And I am your dumb arse. :)

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