Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Popcorn Munchies

Author - Someone who prefers anonymity
Authors Note - Any resemblance or parallels drawn to the living or dead is purely coincidental
and the work of guilty conscience
The post is based on "pure fiction" (if you know what i mean)

" To begin with

Congrats on your new ascent to power.
Finally a head to match your shoulders.
Now you are awesome.
Totally awesome in the ways you devote your time to the welfare of your "Subjects"

You have managed to gain the love of so many people already
We cannot wait to come and rip your lovely heart out of your chest.

Then again, 
You would see me sitting with a bucket of nice fresh buttered popcorn in the background and enjoying "the funnies"

Cute aren't you?

It's funny how power can improve your judgement now to even lower levels.

I'm surprised that you can define even lower levels of judgement with your actions.
"Kya talent"

The one person who is reeking with common sense is you. 
True that, 
we couldn't ask for a better person who can plan things that can only induce peals of laughter in me.
The funnies again.
Quite an entertainment you are.

I just love it when you strut around with importance like a peacock.
I'm sure all of us are aware of the particular "famous saying"

Well am just saying 
I have a feeling that things are going to be interesting and yes, as for your enemies
They have found their place, finally.!!
And they really don't bother anymore, especially after the recent dig.
And the other person with guts, she doesn't care either, because she has a life of her own, so i guess you have a free reign now after all.
Unlimited funnies and pop corn 

Strut around, its just a short period.
The world is in Your hands.!
Adios Amigo

-Munches popcorn- "