Sunday, 1 July 2012

One hobbling man.

I don't usually write "diaryish" blogs.... 

but this incident had to be shared

"So after a ride that was met with a exceptionally high 

number of dead ends and pot holes,in my attempt find the 

hotel ,I have to accept I was a little pissed off with the turn 

of events after spending the whole of last month in an 

unusual amount of positivity (lets hope there is a word like 

that for my sake)

I placed my order with the waiter only for him to inform 

that they were out of that dish, and my mind voice went like 

"Dude it's only 8 PM !! "

He says "mudinchu pochu ma" 

So I "had" to get something else,which happened to be one 

of my good friend's favorite ( I am glad he wasn't there 

then :P. )  

So like the neatness obsessed freak I am, I washed my 

hands and came back, and that's when I see this really little 

man who was mopping the floor.

He looks at me and give this dazzling smile.

Needless to say , I was a little surprised but I smiled back 

to him with equal ado , and I definitely did feel better.!

Smile and the world smiles with you.!

The whole place looked a lot friendlier now, and I definitely forgot about the "inadequate menu", with a shift in my energy.That is when my dad drops his keys, and this little man rushed in to help my dad with the keys, and gave it back with the same genuine smile he have me a while ago.

I noticed he was limping and one of his legs was shorter than the other, yet enveloping all that and fading them away was his smile that radiated with energy."

Wherever I go, whatever happens, and how many ever situations I come across, this man, reminds me until today, 2 years later about one thing - the power is in our hands.
It is in our hands on how you want to react the way you want the situation to turn out as.
One doesn't have to be pissed or any such with an unfortunate turn of events , and a wise friend once told me "no one can hurt you without your permission". True that.
Just smile and feel good, move ahead, forward march...
Darkness and negativity will forget you exist.

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