Monday, 30 July 2012

Queen Rowling

To begin with this is "Potter head related post" :D

I begin with a salutation (yes salute -respect macha) for the great Queen of our magical world.
I thank You if You stuck with Harry till the very End And Always.
The Trio :)
The magical Journey that began in 1998, and still lives on in our minds and hearts , "THIS IS LOVE"

Always - Love
Hogwarts- That magical school I would give anything, bloody anything to go.
Harry Potter - The Boy who lived, the boy who proved us good triumphs over evil
Hermoine taught us about feminine strength, and being there for your friends
Ronald , dear Ronald taught us, making mistakes is not wrong.
Gred and Forge <3
Snape - a touch o loyalty and Love, Always
And yes I have Dumbledore, Minerva, Hagrid, and - i rather not type the whole long list- i know we love them all.

Look Upto the skies, U stand among them 

An EPIC with love, loyalty, friendship, trust, imagination, values, ethics, evil , confronting your fears.
Worst break up ever.
The day i finished the books.
The day The last movie came out.
Worst break up ever.
But no, 
My love it never walked out of my life.
Harry potter, forever.
and Always
A decade has gone by,
We've grown up with Them,
Lil children today grow up with Harry.
For this is an epic that will last forever.


Happy birthday Jo!
31st July!
Forever and Always In our Lil Potter, we'll love you for giving it to us, Always!
Thank you , for my childhood :)

damn ! shut up and take me in already!


  1. An epic indeed. Harry Potter will always live in our hearts. I so wish that it could go on forever :( Rowling seriously hypnotized us all!

    1. It does live on forever in our hearts :)