Thursday, 28 February 2013

Love is fickle Friend

Its a gumball of emotions,
They say love is a fickle friend
It started out on a fateful match , Dec 11 th .. why ?
I would never know..
The golden days of my life.
Prettiest Yellow rays and bluest ocean currents.
But like I said love is a fickle friend destined to leave when trouble raises its head
Not one of the brave heart, to stand by my side
A taste of sour pickle.
I could hate you, but hate breeds more feelings and I am afraid to hurt myself, thank you.
Maybe the squirells will teach you a lasting lesson.
A broken mirror can never be fixed.
Love reflects a thousand causes,but once broken remains broken.


Caves of darkness, and the depth of your cold eyes
and the icy chill heart
I loved someone who was not worth me
I loved someone who never knew who I was
I loved you knowing you would never accept me for who I am
Delusions and errors , rebating joy.
Glow of the lantern and fading lights
Screw you too Love.

Darkness immortal 

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