Thursday, 28 June 2012

May You Rest In Peace.

Author's Note - this is the obituary of a young girl who died before her time , due to a failed liver transplant, i request you to respect her, and pray for her soul to rest in peace

There once was a young girl
She was quite a Charm
and Sweet.

Alas she was too special 
for Death laid His eyes on her
and wanted to take her as His own
He loved playing His lil games
He threw his noose over her
and made her fall asleep
He made us cry, and pray 
and loosened his noose, just enough
for us to believe He'd disappeared.
He tightened his grip and flew away
her parents child.
someone's best friend.
someone's sister.
on this very sad day
28th June 2012

I pray for her soul to rest in peace
For god to take care of her
she could have grown up and been someone
Instead she became a star
in our sky
Life is too short.
Love her, and remember her.
And remember to live your life
Life is too Short

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