Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Birthdays And STFU.







12 am strikes on the clock.
"oooohhhoo oooohh one more night " goes my alarm.
"tring tring goes my call to you"

Its 2nd August ,
A very special day to my certain someone 
(ok, i know i just creeped you sweety)

Happpy birthday Jensy.!!
Many more happy returns of the day babe 
May god bless you.. yada yada yada

So miss awesome 
Yu are the best and the bloody best person ever according to
In you I found a sister
A best friend
You complete me
I should probably marry you

Now where was I?
yes You
Are a gift i found
A gem in the ocean
A person like you is just too hard to find
what would i do without you in my life?

Joyous as a butterfly
dance among the flowers
Prettier than these flowers 
Cheerful as the sun
A true Leo spirited woman

I wish the best for you baby
You mean the life to me
I wish you abundance
A life of music that spins your heart with elation

Dance, Laugh,live,love (me :P)
Happy birthday love :)

I wish i was up there To give yu the birthday bums and wish yu 

and smear yur face with cake !! 


I lowiiie yu :)

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