Monday, 3 June 2013

Life As We know it, Changes

Its been three years now..
And college has left some special memories in my heart..
Everyday the amount of fun we had,
The way we lived together, had fun, cried, made fun of each other..
Every moment down the memory lane, was just amazing, and beautiful milestones in our lives.
Life has to take a turn now, and all of us have to leave to find our own paths, for a while atleast.
In this moment, tears beckon my eyes..
For all of you, who have been there for me in these three years thank yu :)

And for a few very special people, here is what i have to say

Divyashri, I found someone very special in you, and to yu, i dont have to say anything for yu to understand, and our silences and our giggles, speak more than anything else for us.
I will miss yu, and i will come up thr and visit yu and Everytime i go anywhr, ill remember our special dates, and get aways :)

Gayathri Vasu, You are someone special in your own way, and yu have carried me forward during some of my difficult days,I do remember the times when we could complete each others sentences.
for being my support, thanks Nannu :)

Preethima, you are someone to whom i can tell anythng and run to whenever i wanna shout in joy, or scream in anger or cry in despair,
You have always been thr, and your veetu sapadu :P sama di
i will cherish our terrace memories,late night conversations, everythin :) and always run right back to you.

Horeb, Thank you for everything horeb, you were a brother, a best frnd and a teacher to me and pushed me sometimes into the right way, you made me do things my way and you were thr for me late into the nights.. thank yu for your shoulder.

Prem, Anna, words fail me, I saw an older brother in you, someone who i always wanted all my are someone i look upto, someone with so much loyality, love and patience to give everyoe.
I dunno how wil be without seeing your moonjie for one year, i really dont wanna do it Prem.

Mera pyyar :P
12.30 in the nite, i can call you and bug yu and yu would still put up with me.
I love your winks and yu genuinely care, what more do i need to say :)
And I know down the line, yu'll always be thr.

Adithya, You are very special , very :) Thanks for all those days yu let me cry on your shoulders like a cry baby. thanks for your jokes, and yes yu are special , i don need to tell yu more, yu know what i mean :)
and one day am marrying u :P XD

Vignesh, You touch my heart in beautiful ways, I will miss you ootivitufying me , i will miss pulling ur legs, i will miss coming and delivering thayir sadam with tomato pickle to ur house,ill miss comin over to yur place whenever i want to, and i dont want yu to leave me and go :/

Kaviya, Some people, touch our hearts and leave their marks on us.
I love hugging and sleeping with you :)
and i just love the way yu care and make me feel, thr are many moments i fell in love with the person yu are..and i always will hold your hand forever,ask preethu what i told.

Juno, I love the way yu scold me, hug me and make me feel good and cared for.
You my dear , yu know how to press the right buttons to make me listen to you :)
No one can replace yu Juno ^_^
I love yu

Subhashree, awas :)
Never seen anyone who can make others feel special like you do.
the way yu care, is on a whole different level, even in your sleep.
I see a mother in yu, a sister in yu, and lots of love in your eyes.

@Harinee, Your hugs are the best, :)
They are warm and sweet and they carry me forward, we had our special moments, and ill always cherish 'em ^_^

I dont know what it was, But i loved the smiles we exchanged, the twinkle o your eyes, and the caring words :)
The cup you gave me ?
I am having my coffee in it, even now :)

Thank Yu all
-hugs and kisses- ♥ ♥
Imma going to miss yu guys :'(

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