Saturday, 8 June 2013

The blue bird.

Every once a while as I take a leisurely recline in  my balcony sipping hot coffee,  I see him.
I see the lonely blue bird, perched on the bare chocolate brown branches of the mango tree.
Its always the same branch, the same bare leafless branch.
He sits the for hours together , for no apparent reason and disappears just like how he came.
And again, I might be able to see him a fortnight later.

Give me an answer , Dear blue bird.
Who may you be?
You stare at me, to my eyes
A strong and unyielding stare,
With those perky eyes of yours.
Who may you be?
And what do you think ,
As you sit on that branch?

Touch your heart and tell me
What do you seek?
How Old are you?
I've seen you since I can remember,
Oh blue bird,
Who may you be.

Maybe you tell me a signless message
Stark blue feathers
and the Red lining around your throat.
Yellow big eyes.
I remember you,
Always will.
I watch you fly as I take another sip.
Melancholy soul.
I know you'll be back.

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