Friday, 23 March 2012

Comfortable Strangers

Sitting in the darkness
alone ...
swirling in her own thoughts
she asks myself
what went wrong ?
and where did she go wrong?

the darkness and the loneliness are comfortable strangers to her

she realizes . . as her thoughts make sense of her actions
she does not blame you, for she doesn't like to blame
she was too self involved my dear
too self involved to see what came from where
to see what you gave her , with patience

she was too obsessed with silly little things
she was too much of a perfectionist
she expected perfection in everything 
from a text message to the way your accent went

she tried making you her puppet
oh she did.
it hit her like a slap on her face
she did that to you.
she will never do that to you
she will throw her tantrums 
her mood swings
but she knows where she goes wrong, 
she is sorry.
she loves you more
and beyond everything you stuck with her
baby she loves you

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