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Friday, 16 March 2012

History Repeats

Early morning bird calls wakes us up on the Much awaited day

the planning , the furious dedicated work.. t shirt printing... we moved towards this day .. and its finally here

Ready in a jiffy 

change to College  T shirt and arrive at the venue

Spread the cheer, 
its a whole festival out there

yes MCE is here babies!
make waaay!!

shout our way and scrape the rest of them outta the list

win it win it and win everything 
     like a boss B|

hip hip hurray for MCE !
raise the spirits
shout your way in 
cheer it up
     scare away the rest of them

show them who we are 

yea we did it again 

and thats us 

thank you seniors
and batch mates 


history repeats itself ^_^