Sunday, 11 March 2012


I love the moon 
the most beautiful thing on this planet
she is breath taking
i could stare at her for hours drinking in her essence pictured against the night sky

i love the waves
they way they feel against my feet, soft and soothing
yet strong enough to reassure me
i could stand by the waves forever
i thank the wind and the ocean 
for the ride into the sea

i love the smile
the smile that lights up my face
at my darkest hour
the smile that only the best of my people can bring to me

i love a hug
a hug from a loved one 
to show that they care,so sacred and assuring
i could live for it all my life 
for those hugs, thank you :)

i love music
the way it expresses exactly what i feel
the way i can float away 
forgetting reality
music itself is healing

the other part of me
you help me bring out my best and my strongest emotions at times
you help me mould myself as i create you

and above all.. i love life itself :))

for those who love me
i love you too :) more than you know.

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