Thursday, 8 March 2012

Maa and Sis , a teacher


birth giver

you gave me your flesh and blood

you gave me your unconditional love

you held my hand when i was scared

and you pulled away when i had to grow up

you fed me ur love and strength

you made me strong

you made me the woman i am

you taught me care, love, joy and sorrow

i love you Maa *muaaaahhh*


you were my very first friend

and friend you will be my sister forever

you gave me companionship

your trust and faith

you taught me to move past crap

you cried with me, laughed with me

and yu were there for me when the world went dark


love yu sis :)

dear ma'am

you were my second momma

you hugged me when i cried on the first day of school

you stood with proud shoulders the last day of my school

you taught me a lot of valuable things in life

thank you mom (ma'am)

happy woman's day ^_^

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