Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Much Awaited One :)

she had a smile
she was full of life 
she was vibrant with colors

i do not remember how we got talking in the first place

it doesn't matter

you were a bitch
i was a bitch
it was that simple
we matched
we struck a cord
we hugged when i had to leave 
i remember "fearless" by taylor swift , sneaking around pretending to be a vampire , and going on facebook when we were supposed to be doing design work :D
distance is nothing for us
you loved me i loved you
we cried
we fought
we hugged 
we laughed
we teased each other

2 am dates with footy matches , pepper fried eggs, countless messages, craziness, wall posts, chats , phone calls 

we had everything.

until slowly one day everything fell apart 
and "WE" died

i missed you
and you denied it
but i know enough about you to know better, u bitch.

you kept away so did i

we tried to talk a few times
it hurt

i let you go, for then 
and left it to time's way

a year passed by and i dragged you outta a shell
i nearly wanna bitch slap you when you tell me everything

you are still that girl i knew
you are still strong like her

the old days are back.

you are a bitch
i am a bitch 
and we love each other.

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