Monday, 6 August 2012

Blink Blink

I sit down and think in a moment of tranquility
Who was I? 
(Too many philosophy books!)
Maybe I did do too many mistakes
Maybe  I was not the perfect daughter
Nor the perfect sister
A perfect friend at times 
Student ? bleh.
I was tested But, i do know i learnt my lessons 

As the rain drops splash on my face
I can only imagine a life 
so close to nature
 I remember the fragrance of the earth
I remember my crazy 3am text about rain
And the Manga "Wolf's rain"

The world looks too perfect tonight
Twittering rain drops
Natural Bokeh background
I  take a deep breath 
Close my eyes and sleep

A musky sweet smell 
A fading memory
A touch of blueness in my heart
and Love so real :)

Blue i love :D

I dream so real
I dream of a world of tall scrapers 
green aliens (captain obvious)
Rainbows and unicorn farts 
(Recent influence from  Rahul)
Snakes and Aeroplanes
Vivid array of imagination

Ask me the point of this post 
and I shall give you a blank stare
(quite blank -.-)
I've gone a little mad, and high
And I'm laughing too hard
(Its not about anyone's polka dotted underwear or alcohol)
Life - There is more to come
and The best is yet to come 
(No dirty jokes please)

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