Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Of Jangris and Birthday treats - A dedicated post

Dear Jaangri engira Preethu,

Many more happy returns of the day, Happy birthday :) may god bless yu
and Happy married life XD

The story of your life

Is quite unique
I have never seen quite a bomb of a character of you :)
And yu carry a shell that nurtures everyone around yu
Not just your friends

I really dunno how some one can balance life that
No idea.
Green sand milk flowing face grass itchings and consoling tears and Being there for people
Yeah yu got that all right

Trust is a rare quality and
Yu are that , incarnate

A true leo,
A sphinx...already.

I dunno how to even thank yu for everything.
You have been such and amazing friend
An sister,
a mother
listened to my braggings and naggings

Yur an awesome person,
touch wood,
on your birthday
i wish nothing but the best
and we can do the corns and rain again
another day
I love yu :)
and preethuku oru whistle!! :D

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