Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pandas and Gundus and Canon 550 D

Who said true love is mythical?
A certain finger rised for the cynics


The moment I see him I get that Electric shock through my spine
AH, a million blue blooms together
smell of earth and glint of sunshine

A year and a half and finaaly mera true pyaar, worth wait.
My baby
Canon Eos 550 D
(Now dont raise your eyebrows
its my blog and i get to write any shit love story i want)

 So yeah?
Where was I?
Lovely black body, A lil muscular and sleek, he is my perfect better half ;')
I love you baby :)
and probably the only person who accessorizes her camera with Angry birds \m/ ( self proclaimed professionals and professional please don't faint , let a crazy "lil" girly have her way)

Yes the angry birds,
Enter Gundu Panda and Gundu Anna from Nagpur
Two huge fatasses, I couldn't squeeze myself into the auto with those two sitting in,
But two most adorable creatures sent down to Chennai from Nagpur (dont grow horns now, i know your reading this :P)
So It was just two days of back to back Me bugging the poor Gundus :D

the locations i choose to click your pickoors ! :D

Gundu, Spread the Cheer person aren't you?
and Yus yusss! 
Now i forgot to bitch slap you, but imma goena give you an excuse this time cuz we had such an awesome time :D
Yes i cried when you left, yu wily emotionally targeting idyut !
Now is when i wish you live right here with the other two! :|
Imma going to really miss you!
Gundu Anna!
You prolly had no reason to put up with me and yet you did and i made yu do it
Next time onwards, chatter chatter chatter,teehkay?
your straight smile is still awesome.

So from SRM to Anjappar (YUm) And wasting rupees in roaming texts, auto drivers (ahan) and EA shopping,Early morning Bessi walk, Citi center dont thank me for being your guide, The food was great (Yum) (Murugan idli kadai-now i really wanna put that pic up xD)

The panda and noddy and angry birds will always remind me of you!
and yes i love the pendant too ! yuss yusss! :D
One day maybe you'll realise Noddy is a good guys and understand how perve Angry birds are :P
Until then 
With tears and love and hoping to kick your asses, 

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