Thursday, 16 August 2012

Silence and Tears - An obituary

Tribute (and thats all that i can possibly do) to a nine yr old 

child who met with his untimely death in the pool waters.

(Ranjan ,Student of Psbb,KK ng who lived his little life next door 

to the place where I

take my classes)  

Too many little children die nowadays.

 I sit down with tears

As i pen this down

I never knew you well 

Sweetie pie,

I can see the ghost of the sparkle 

In your eyes

A Hint of a laughable face

In those photographs 

From Your life

They saw you are a Cheerful chap

Little child, 

I cannot stop my tears

As i think of your parents

Reminders of your life

and Childhood 

will blot their future

I see a blue garment hanging 

In your balcony

It saddens me 

You are no longer here.


Your time came,

They tell me

You belong in the hands of god now 

Do not cry

Do not fear 

Be blessed and 

Rest in peace

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