Wednesday, 27 February 2013



A world without sky scrapers dotting the sky
Green forests and a Green skyline
All the people of the world living as equals (Meh.?)
A lack of diversity
Imagine Uniformity
Imagine grey
Imagine the absence of colours
Imagine black and white
Imagine, and that is how far it will get.
Lack of reality.

The world we live in is of unimaginable depth, of colours. Culture, designs, people, filth, and diversity in its character.
No two designs in a kaleidoscope are the same; no two DNA or humans are the same.
No two snowflakes are identical, Nor the seed arrangement in any two sun flower.
Magic of nature.
Nothings is a copy , an exact copy .. Except probably your last semesters’ notes Xeroxed by the bunch.
The world we live (yes, am getting back to that) is an array of unique elements put together existing together harmoniously (Wars? Humans never learn. Tsk tsk)

City Scape
The world we live in, the cities we take foot in everyday is a transforming abyss, transforming at this rapid phase influenced by various elements-
·         People-society-characteristics-the changing attitude and lifestyle of today’s generation - Us - the brats of the planet.
·         Economy - the constantly fought marketing battles- sensex-nifty -collateral - banking -marketing.. yes all that.
Money Money Money
Up and Down goes the sensex (multiply by infinite times)
·         Culture- 
Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Da-Ne-Sa to Do -Re -Mi -Fa -So - La -Ti -Do.
·         Politics - Oh yea, boring money hungry people who eat our taxes , dear politicians influence the city’s evolution - Remember the Metro Railway?
Our cities are transcending our imagination in the pace they are growing at ( Now, I’ve told that way too many times in one way or the other have I not?)
“When you are finished changing, you are finished”
-          Benjamin Franklin
My point is, you flick a switch and sleep too long and you will wake up like Rip Van Winkle

Now, clear your mind of all that i rambled about and IMAGINE.
A world of colours
A world with diverse skyscrapers lighting up the night
A world where the rich live beside the poor
A world where change is constant
A world with ever growing lights and Cities
A world where... Oh just open your eyes and look around.
This is where we live
In planet EARTH- A kaleidoscope of pseudo imagination

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