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The Italian Joker - Scaramouche - Start Up venture

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A quirky, fashionable ,hippy and funky brand, Scaramouche is a student initiative that was sought out by the need to provide a douse of character to accessories & design witty merchandise. An idea to create merchandise which we never were able to find anywhere else, an idea that sought out Uniqueness from the very beginning , now that was the birth of Sacramouche .

Co Founded by Varadha Balaji (Rajalakshmi Engineering College) and Dhanya Rajagopal (Meenakshi college of engineering) in May 2012 , Scaramouche has gained the attention of both teenagers and grown up and were joined by Mehavarshni Sreethar (as Designer (Meenakshi college of Engineering)) in a couple of months.

 An online album catalogue in the facebook page ( opens a wide variety of Products. One can go through the wide collection of handmade pretty pendants and earring, You have the quilled earrings, the buttons and beads. “ Not only are the “pretty pretty” , but they are also water proof and long lasting “ , I would say that from my own personal opinion

From earrings One can see a wider collection of T Shirt designs and Posters, not only are these arty , but they can also be custom made. Poster of retro Jimi Hendrix ? T shirt print for a camera buff?
For the die hard harry potter fans, get your Hogwarts letter from them and support S.P.E.W badges  !They cover it all.

(The Pop-Art Series ,Personalized pop-art, the perfect birthday gift for a friend.)

However the eye catcher of their collection is perhaps the cassette tape luminaries that can be used as table lamps or even chandeliers .
Scaramouche has redefined “Recyle Reuse and Reduce”  to its fashionable sense with Paper magazine earrings and Cassette luminaries , Creating art out of Junk. 
They also merchandise personalised handmade hard disk covers, Photo frames , Badges, Pencil holders.
 “Over the past seven months , with strong upward growth in sales , A project from the National Law school of India ( T shirt Designs for Symposiums) and the TATA Start Up Dot Start Up venture event and A stall in D.A.M Pondicherry things have been looking more than good for Scaramouche.For a student start up venture this has been pretty good recognition“ Says Dhanya.
With business cards and A website coming up for Scaramouche, these young enterprenuers are ready to roll.
" Scaramouche will Delve into the unexplored territory where could create a difference. Designing of personalized feature walls, luminaire design, pop art revival and just about anythin that comes up durin our epiphany ( whenever the smoke clears up ),and also reach the preceding generations with our product base. And  we want to expand our venture not only in terms of number of customers but also providing opportunities to designers and creative minds out there "

Contact Varadha Balaji
Phone   089 39 232129
Facebook Id - Facebook link

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