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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Unpublished post

The Unpublished post

The days went slow and the nights creeped away painfully slow
The nights were the worst the living
Nightmares and living moments haunted me
In the midst of it all , i found the twinkle of an eye
I found my energy again
I smiled
The smile in your face
A little click on the phone and I felt pretty , beautiful and amazing again
Voice of an angel
So sweet and melodious
And the flutes kept me going on my iTunes each day -on repeat
And i laughed a ringing laugh
I feared the basic thing that drives a person forward, ambition, love and money.
But there was this misty fresh air blowing behind my face
An inspiration
And a hand to hold me and guide along the right direction
In time
I wondered if the games were games
I felt foolish at my own folly
A night in the rain and i was falling hard or maybe i already did, shit.
I was scared. And i always will be
I felt too close.
And i closed my eyes , in a moment of sadness, and a whisper of the name

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