Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Skipping to the Present

she is here... away on a trip..
she's with her best friends
she cant help but missing him ..

this is going to be one cheesy post.

 she misses him so badly that every minute seems to drive her desperate
she went around flicking her friends laptops just to get  online and drool over his photos, yea drool, or thats her best friend told her..

the miles between them seem to be too distant and she can't help but opening the flood gates just thinking about the minutes she wants to be with him,
wy cant forever come quickly.? and why cant he jus invent the time machine already?

no offence to big eyes , shorty , pretty face or mr bangalore (oh yea so much melodrama and they are back as frnds), i love yu guys but i need him also in there..
there are times when just hugs his hoodie (which she flicked from him )

she loved the way it made her feel protective and give herself that feeling that he was close to her.
she loves him and she misses him

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