Sunday, 5 February 2012

Big Eyes Shorty and Pretty Face

She has three friends,

Big eyes was her first best friend... her sis
she loved her so much that she would do anything for her even share her food =)
Big eyes loved her too =) she took care of her, she was there for her and always looking out for her.. !
they are inseparable and they always will be
they have their fights.. but in the end they are one for each.

She had always adored Pretty face and Shorty because of the undulating bond they shared, Pretty face and Shorty resembled her and Big eyes :)

In time she learnt to trust Shorty , and he made her laugh at her darkest hour..
Pretty face took a while to come around, though she was there for her on and off.

Somewhere down the line things fell into place and now she knows that these four are the people she will love the most , no favoritism.. haha =)
she knows she can depend on pretty face, yes yur also my sis now , she can be protected by big eyes and taken care by shorty 

To all three of yu i give yu my heart and my roses, i love yu guys...
without whom i wont be who i am today
and i wouldn't wanna lose u guys ever

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