Sunday, 26 February 2012


every dawn begins with good grace
every dawn brings in a smile of anticipation and laziness into my body
i remember your face 
your smile
that childish voice
the cheerfulness and the laugh
your warmth 
i pull the blanket holding on closer to my morning dreams 

i close my eyes and play around the scene yet again
how you can come so close to me and yet stay so far enough to just make my heart race 
the memory of that hint of musky sweet scent that carries around in your wake as i cling to the blueness of your hoodie

my heart skips a beat and spine shivers and i hold my breath
a hurricane hits me 
good morning  

i wake up consumed by emotions and yet glad since i know i have you,baby, and no one will have what we have or will ever know what it is to be us.

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