Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dear Mr. Bangalore

Dear Mr. Bangalore 

remember the first time you cared enough about her to console her the whole night?
remember the million texts and chats and fights ?
the discussions about music, the secrets?
the fun and the talk and the lies?
the stories yu told her?
the days you sat and talked about god knows what?
the silly jokes? the long hours?
the work?
the days ? and the nights?
the trust? the promises?
the thirteen texts?
the day yu made fun of her for she was yur closest?
remember what yu told shorty's mother?

you love and care about her and protect her the way you did from the very beginning

she knows

she loves you too

past all what people say
you and her will stick together

she promises

ps- the post now stands as a tribute to the faith and loyality he shows to her

thank you she says

she couldn't get another friend like him

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