Saturday, 25 February 2012

For All Those Who Made It Home

Its nothin very profeessional it may not have a defiite sequnce or anythin but its heartfelt i promise
ive been wantin to write this note fr the past few days.. but i could nevr write anythin tats not heartfelt
te time has come wen i can type away frm ma heart
here goes.. pardon me for any errors!

the time came wen i had ta leave the  cocooned environment of ma school n had to step into the drastic real world wid lecturers who can eat my head for a single word against them
my school was a place ws everyone was free willed and wen my school ended truthfully speakin i spent the first three months of my holiday showin a "cool" attitude callin psbb as history n tat it has ntn ta do wid me.. but the minute i stepped into tat place inorder ta deliver ma lil brothers lunch box.. after 3 months... i broke down ... n i still cry sometimes wen i think abt ma school it was nevr histroy

i wondered if i can evr evn make nw frnds r anythin.. my older ones driftin apart and ma oldest ones styin closer n tellin me ta go wid the flow

ppl i spent the first weekk being doubly boisterous and talkativve .. tats the way i show out ma nervousness

naked here i can tell yu tat i was fearful of being left out or not being understood ... n all tat crap

slowly everythin chnged..
u new set of ppl have helped me enjoy these days more than ever.. prolly te last days of our lives tats left streess freee.. before we embark the competitive proffesional world

some special ppl did make coll more invitin than evr.they'll kno who they r :D.... infact i look forward to come ta college jus as much as i did ta go ta ma school

things chnge ...i can already see gangs formin amonsgt d girls...n guys :P
jus hold on ta everyone forget no one
try nat ta make rivals or have any discrpancies wid anyone pls....
5 years hold immense possiblities....i jus hope watevr chnges happn... i will be loved as evr...

:)well im stil goen na irritate ppl.. ttats nevr gna chnge... born wid me.. and am gna shout nonsense in class....
lets have fun and enjoy every single part! YAY US!

love yu guys! *hugs* *muwah*

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